As The Footsteps Die Out Forever
Streetlight Manifesto Lyrics

She was diagnosed on a Friday,
The kids were almost home,
The kids were on their way back home from school,
Lying face down in the gutter
Of unaccomplished dreams and broken memories of things to come,
"Sorry ma'am, I really am. I had to break the news.
I had to make the phone call to tell you that you're due,
You know where,
I'll tell you when,
And I suggest you start living these next three weeks, the best way that you can."

Every night for three long weeks,
She'd roam the hallways half asleep
And as the footsteps fade away
In my mind, I could swear, I could swear, I heard her say:
"Don't wait for me,
I've got a lot to do
I've got a lot to be
And in the end maybe I'll see you there."

Lost her strength on a saturday.
Spent the day in bed.
Yeah, I'm fine, it's just the flu she said
With a smile, but when they turned their backs,
The tears would flow.
She knew she only
Had a while to live
To breathe
To see
To be
To bleed
To stand on her own two weakened feet
"and so I pray everyday: don't take my mother away"

and in the end maybe I'll see you there.
You know I'll see you there
And in the end I'll see you there.


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My mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple years back. I can not be more thankful that the doctors were able to take care of it to this day she's still recovering from surgery. Always be there for your mom I can not stand the idea of losing her after everything she's done. Whenever your mom wants to hang out with you hang out with her life is so unexpected you really never know what the future has in store.

Kasey Schwab

My mom battled cancer for 8 long years, I would listen to this song often. Last year she passed away and I couldn't listen to this song anymore. It's been almost 6 months and I finally played it. Love your mom, tomorrow is never promised.

Luis M

My mom just got a bone marrow transfusion and is doing so good. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family! We will get through this! And my condolences Joel Dixon your mom was a warrior!

Joel Dixon

I wish I could. Cancer took my mother. I kiss her everyday.


My all-time favorite Streetlight Manifesto song. So sad, yet so good. Hopefully my mom lives on. <3 to those who miss their loved ones.


This was my all-time favorite Catch 22 song; now its my favorite Streetlight Manifesto song. Never thought that I would live the lyrics. Unfortunately, I don't believe in an afterlife, but my mom lives on in my heart.


She lives on. No questions asked. <3 for the Mom's who are still looking out.


First heard this a few weeks after my mother passed away, it has a special place in my heart now.

Connor Sanders

Xcessive may she Rest In Peace man

Muhammad Adam Zhuhri

I'm not the only one who cried, right?

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