Riding the Fourth Wave
Streetlight Manifesto Lyrics

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thank you, old stick figure animations, for introducing me to such great music :)


I feel like this song would make an awesome concert opener. Kind of like how this tour had Watch It Crash with the epic intro and the previous tour had The Revieving End of It All with the classical piece opening. I could invision them playing this and then breaking out into 9mm and a Three Piece Suit or some other classic off Keasbey.

Chase Jenks

There was once a prophecy that was foretold of a 4th Wave of Ska....However, this sounds more like 3rd Wave. Like its predecessor's before it 3rd Wave brought its own innovations and contributions to Ska, and essentially 3rd Wave Ska is it's own genre, as 1st and Second wave have similarities, 3rd wave has attributes and styles that are distinctly 3rd wave, such as having a punkish influence...generally influenced more by 2nd wave punk than 1st although the influence of The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and so on is still there. So, to be considered a true 4th wave I am going to argue that not only does 4th wave have to make revitalize and invigorate Ska....but, it also can't ride of the coat tails of 3rd Wave Ska...It has to make its own contributions, and develop its own styles while still being Ska like its predecessors. 

Granted, don't get me wrong, this is still great as a 90s kid who grew up with it....3rd Wave Ska is always a treat to listen to, and its nice seeing a veteran Ska Band bring us some nice tunes.

P Mc

Wait til you find out that this is a cover of a 90s song.

Hedi H

i really like this music... i wish someone make it 10 hours


Saw them live and it was amazing, got the sweater and a vinyl


Just to be clear, There will be no SHOCK 4.


haha xD

william soares kraemer

tirei esse som de shock 3!!!!!! muito bom


I look like a fool when I sing along with this song in the car

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