Streetlight Manifesto Lyrics

I felt no guilt till I was caught
And I was told that I was guilty
And even then I wasn't really sure (yeah yeah)
The thing I felt was guilt itself
Or maybe it was something else
Frustration at the fact that I was ever caught at all
I told a lie I multiplied it
By the time I realized it
I’d given up everything I ever loved (yeah yeah)
Cause the thing you left
When you're looking back
Is the pressure the feel that you have to act
Yeah everything is clearer when
You’re looking at the past (oh no)

And I don’t care if I lose
Because my heroes did too
They shouted court should be adjourned
Because the jury are fools
And the judge can’t decipher his left from his right
Or his right from his wrong
And we will bite the hand that thieves
We will not turn the other cheek
This is no threat
It is a promise we will keep
So what's the point pretending
When we sit behind the curtain
And there's nothing much to see
Oh yeah

I felt no pain till I was found
And I was told that I was bleeding
And even then I knew I wasn’t done (yeah yeah)
Cause the wounds I get
They will just collect
Insuring that I won’t forget
Reminders of the battles
That I've lost and that I’ve won
And I will fight until I have died
Or until all my enemies are allies
And even then I will sleep with an open eye (yeah yeah)
Cause the night is long and our hooves are strong
And I know the road we travel on
It always seems so dark
Because we've almost reached the dawn
Oh no


And everyone will claim
That they knew from the beginning
That what they did was wrong
They still just went on sinning

The sudden rush you feel
When realizing everything you know
Will fade away
It haunts you deep
But you won’t want to let it go
Someday we'll lose the war
But till then we will dream of winning

I won’t forget
The things you said
When I was down and I was tired of it
The words you spoke
They brought me hope
When it was time to fight
We chose a side
But everyone knew that something didn't feel right
So we stood our ground
And waited for a sign

When it was time to fight
We chose a side
But everyone knew that something didn't feel right
So we stood our ground
And waited for a sign

You said don't look back
(No, no, no, no...)
Don’t look back
(Don’t look back
We won't go back
We’ve come too far
We’re too high off the ground
The wheels have turned
The lessons learned)

You said don't look back
Don’t look back


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Comments from YouTube:

midas de saedeleir

went to live in a strange country, half way across the world. Didn't really know anyone there. Saw that these guys were playing. went to the gig, without tickets. i was used to getting tickets at the venue. Met some pretty drunk guys who heard my accent and asked me where i was from. i'm from belgium. so they kept calling me 'Belgium' all night long. they said they were gonna come back for me to get tickets. 20mins later, as i was just giving up on getting in, they ran out 'Belgium, we got you a ticket'. They picked me up, and just ran in with me. Got really drunk, never learned their names. my shirt got ripped and i think i might've puked on it. So i had to buy a new shirt, it was one with this album cover on it. Went for waffles and weed after the show. I still have the shirt 8 years later.
Hope these guys are alright!

Emma R

god damn that's such a wonderufl story

Zachary Berry

I hate punk. Heard them on pandora, modest mouse radio. The homie had to serve two months in jail so we parted ways. Him and his girl left North Dakota, they went to utah (she was from Minnesota, I’m from Mississippi). My dad had just finished serving 18 years so I moved to South Carolina to check on him, his ,entail state and she made me listen to modest mouse and they popped up. I hated how catchy they were but the lyrics were great. 10 years later after my dad was shot and killed I thought about them. “With a vest on my chest, a bullet in my lung” my dad was shot in the chest… they came thru with all the positivity. Now they are my favorite band and I still hate anything similar. “I met an old man with nothing to do but wait” is one of the purest stories I’ve ever heard.

Rob Erik

@fightmeirl always do bro! best wishes on ya!


@Rob Erik gotta go back and listen every once in a while haha. yea its crazy to think it was 10 years ago.. take it easy bro

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Agi Ro

Recently, an incredibly close friend died from covid, and looking back at our FB memories, he sent me this album years ago to listen to. Here I am reminiscing on the 15 years he was in my life.
RIP Rudy, I will always love you, friend.

Edwin Guevara

@rocketdock11 LOL, well your comments truly prove that it is.

Adam Patterson

I got introduced to this by danmachi abridged afew years back and this music has helped me through some very rough times. I'm here today because my father has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in multiple places. Normaly I am the one in my family who has his shit together. The last week has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

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Malice Sutton

Came for the choker necklace stayed for the saxophone

Caitria Gunter

I listened to this song in high school almost a decade ago and when I come back to it and this album I still feel all the the feelings

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