Stuart McNair Lyrics

Thank the lord in heaven, I just got home
Never been so in need of time alone
Gonna lock the door, cut the phone, pick up my guitar and play
Why does everybody have to make life so hard

Nothing else exists except for my back yard
Wysteria's in bloom and april is on her way
And april will turn to may
Persephone comes home today
Hello, how you doing, I haven't caught your name
You could bring me ruin, and I could do the same
We'll run and away, do it now, wait until this song is done

And I'm taking off her flannel gown
But I haven't kissed her yet
Been drinking since the sun went down
And sharing cigarrettes
She'll break the virgins, break her vows,
Breaking hearts one by one
And that's the way she has her fun
Sweet persephone brings back the sun

Caesar said to brutus, et tu brute
Jesus said to judas today will be your day
The ides of march, a march to selma
And every king will meet an early grave
Betrayed by the ones they tried to save
But sweet persephone comes home today

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