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Boom Clap Sound
by SubNoize Souljaz

When it feels like the sky is falling
And the world is crumbling down
Listen deep inside your body for that
Boom clap clap boom clap clap boom clap sound

Zippity zippity bap a dee bap
Zip zip zoom bap bap boom
Bippity bap, clack a dee clap

Put one in a whole I{m ready to rap
That's what we do when the king in the building
Thats how we do when the caps start peeling
That's how we do when the barrel goes bam
That's how we do when the I'm smoking on my gram yeah
Tell me what you mother fuckers really wanna do

Wanna run around the track while I run around it too
Wanna run run let me get that, split that
Run run run like me hit that rip that
Hit that rip that, get that go
Let me put in the pipe let me pack it in the bowl
Let me run run run run run run run
Like a motor bike racer running this show

I'll never really get upset all the way to the point
Where I feel like these no holding back now
Try to get a good outlet try to reroute
All the thoughts that's are weighing me down now
All it seems I need is a big bag of weed
And a couple shots of lets say crown
Few dope beats and I'm taking to jeep to a mt top out of town

That's where I go when I gotta go get out,
So I don't blow my top off and explode
'Cause when I lose control there's not enough time
For me to come back in piece body whole
I now that you know or at least I know that you relate
'Cause I've heard so many stories told gotta take a leap of faith
Put your song on your headphones and know that your not alone

When it feels like the sky is falling and the world is crumbling down
Listen deep inside your body clap clap clap clap clap that
The hands start spinnin' around
Everybody it's time clap that clap that clap that sound
Everybody it's time clap that clap that clap that sound

Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom away zoom zoom
Listen to the sound of the KMK

Web hit them with that boom clap sound
Weed in the bubbler, turn right round
Higher than the martians when I'm sparkin'
With a needle I'm Shontelle, just touched down now
Everybody stay rockin' out, all the potheads
From the college droppin' out stay rappin truth
Need apple juice cause everybody on the track

Got Kottonmouth, we rock those speakers
Drop that ether, boom clap hit em with that
Onomatopoeia, breaking the chronic like the
Continents that made up Pangaea
A son of anarchy, constantly coppin' cannabis
A medical from a dispensary in Los Angeles
Can't handle this amateurs get devoured in

My sandwiches, I eat MCs for breakfast lunch and dinner
Got no manners kid Wayne and Garth in the building
I'm hear to get my party on, and get my Marley on cause
We burnin' like Rastafarians, everyday is Mardi Gras
So bitch show me your titties now, pass the piff around
Till we finish the whole frickin' pound
Kottonmouth and Webster droppin' it professional
So lifted off the ground that they think we're extraterrestrials


Hear that that be the sound of the police, on the way to ruin your time
Everybody in the area spark it up so they lose there minds
Boom clap fa shizzy I'm gonna keep these raps busy
I'm gonna keep my brain all dizzy, better get a map when you hear the boom clizzy



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