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Last Resort
by Sub Dub Micromachine

Some people call me a sinner / Some people say I should be ashamed
I ask you why they don't give us no rest / It's enough- enough to drive me to despair

You looked like a fairy/ Smelt like a flower
Sweetest temptation I ever saw
The shine in your eyes and your laughing made my heart sing
I fell in love / Suddenly I forgot the law

This love was so strong / Seemed so hopeful
Damned sweet memories torment my brain
Now I'm here / And the rain falls on a grave
But I'm sure it can't rinse my pain away

Wish you could be by my side / My dreams promise only lies
Illusions - I can't hold them tight
And I cry

Should I reproach myself with weakness / Is it crime to succumb to sin
To a sin, when it looks like an angelic girl
I couldn't defend myself against your sweet fifteen


Wish you could be by my side / Implore the lord but in vain
I'll never can stop my cry

Now they had a reason for their gossip / For scorn and the hate from their stonecold hearts
You was too young to resist all these hurts / You was fifteen so the death was your last resort

So I'm here and deplore the disaster / Painful I feel nothing makes sense
No sorrow, no tears and no rage will make undo your death
And I see to life without you I have to learn


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