Same in the End
Sublime Lyrics

Down in Mississippi where the sun beats down from the sky
They give it up and they give it up and they give it up
But they never ask why
Daddy was a rollin', rollin' stone
He rolled away one day and he never came home

It ain't hard to understand
This ain't Hitler's master plan
What it takes to be a man
In my mind, in my brain
I roll it over like a steamin' freight train
It ain't hard to ascertain

You only see what you want to believe
When you light up in the back with those tricks up your sleeve
That don't mean I can't hang
The day that I die
Will be the day that I shut my mouth and put down my guitar
Sunday morning hold church down at the bar
Get down on your knees and start to pray
Pray my itchy rash will go away

Back up y'all it ain't me
Kentucky Fried Chicken is all I see
It's a hellified way to start your day
If I make you cry all night
Me and daddy gonna have a fist fight
It ain't personal, it ain't me

I only hear what you told me to be
I'm a backward-ass hillbilly
I'm Dick Butkiss
You know I lie
I get mean, I'm a thief in the dark
I'm a ragin' machine
I'm a triple rectified ass son of a bitch
Rec-tite on my ass and it makes me itch
I can see for miles and miles and miles
My broken heart makes me smile

In my mind, in my brain
I go back and go completely insane
It ain't personal, it ain't me
If I make you cry I might
Be your daddy at the end of the night
Take a load from my big gun

You only see what you want to believe
When you creep from the back
I got tricks up my sleeve
Twenty four seven, devil's best friend
It makes no difference
It's all the same in the end

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Magik Mike

You got both top comments lol

Old School Soldier

@2 Moments of Silence He makes some hilarious music related content, I def recommend you check out his page! And long live Bradley 🤘🏾

2 Moments of Silence

Idk who magic Mike is but the fact that ur listening to Bradley- RESPECT! Lmfao

Old School Soldier

Go away, Mike

LS grrhryryr


Jeremy Moorer

Show us a disappearing act.

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Beer Blogger

Anyone else get chills from the line "The day that I die
Will be the day that I shut my mouth and put down my guitar" ? ... knowing that he already passed when this album came out just makes it more haunting.


One day I'm going to loose the war lieing in my plastic bedthinking how things weren't so cool to me.
And thats exactly what happened...

Quinten Clark

I feel the frisson when I hear him sing that line...I think of how they found him that morning, with poor old Lou Dog laying next to him, whimpering.

Scott Sheldon

Poolshark hits harder, knowing heroin would kill him, urgghhh :(

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