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Futile Devices
by Sufjan Stevens

It's been a long, long time
Since I've memorized your face
It's been four hours now
Since I've wandered through your place
And when I sleep on your couch
I feel very safe
And when you bring the blankets
I cover up my face

I do
Love you
I do
Love you

And when you play guitar
I listen to the strings buzz
The metal vibrates underneath your fingers
And when you crochet
I feel mesmerized and proud

And I would say I love you
But saying it out loud is hard
So I won't say it at all
And I won't stay very long

But you are life I needed all along
I think of you as my brother
Although that sounds dumb

And words are futile devices

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Comments from YouTube:

Lo Riddell

i just want this song to swallow me whole. the short duration suits it perfectly but at the same time i need it to last forever, yknow?


I think its ephemeral nature makes it that much more devastating

Jess Elizabeth

my thoughts EXACTLY


i feel u

Panda Man

Like vore?

Georgina Frías J

Lo Riddell just as Elio and Oliver’s romance...

steph soppanish

I love when people feel the need to clarify “I’m straight but...” like ok Chad we get it. You’re straight. Congrats that you can connect with the HUMAN experience cause love is love whether it’s with a woman or a man and enjoying this film or song even tho you’re straight doesn’t need to be clarified but here’s a cookie I guess 🙄

e m e r s o n

@Time for Skeleton by

e m e r s o n

with any gender, you mean

Manic Mercurian

As a gay, I have what could be called an intimately bittersweet relationship with the phrase "I'm straight but" 😆👌

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