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John Wayne Gacy Jr
by Sufjan Stevens

His father was a drinker and his mother cried in bed
Folding John Wayne's t-shirts when the swingset hit his head
The neighbors they adored him
For his humor and his conversation
Look underneath the house there
Find the few living things, rotting fast, in their sleep
Oh the dead
27 people
Even more, they were boys, with their cars, summer jobs
Oh my God
Are you one of them?
He dressed up like a clown for them
With his face paint white and red
And on his best behavior
In a dark room on the bed he kissed them all
He'd kill ten thousand people
With a slight of his hand, running far, running fast to the dead
He took off all their clothes for them
He put a cloth on their lips, quiet hands, quiet kiss on the mouth
And in my best behavior
I am really just like him
Look beneath the floor boards
For the secrets I have hid

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avery brooks

I love it when stuff about killers isn't as much scary as it is just painfully sad.

Keith AtWork

@CazMatazz Well, yes. Both - the whole thing is a tragedy.

Justin Matthews

What should be scarier is how close we all are to that breaking point in sadness. In our best behavior, we are really just like him.


@JaTorean Kegler That was John Wayne Gacy's full name

Gerrit Peacock

My wife and I used to watch ID channel alot. But we realized it painted such an ugly picture of humanity that we had to stop. I can't imagine the anguish that those boys' families felt.


Sad as in "those poor boys" or "the poor guy and his sad life"?

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"In my best behavior, I am really just like him" - that's a powerful line, and relatable for more people than it may seem. Obviously it's not about Sufjan or me or you being killers, but it's about how we're not an entirely separate entity a million miles from John. We can't be, in this World, really. We all have dark recesses in our mind, we can think in fucked up ways, in our dark moments. We only never do evil because most of us are lucky enough to not have ended up as far gone in the head as John, but we still all share some degree of his sickness. Well, maybe not soccer Moms quite as much, but yeah. lol

Justin Matthews

Most people are just one bad day away from going on a killing spree.


Yep, the realization that we all, even you yourself, have great capacity for evil.

is chemic

When he hit the "oh my God" I nearly pissed myself out of my eyes

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