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She Is
by Sufjan Stevens

She is the day that gives me time
To love and linger, love my life
Until night comes on with sundown scythe
To end the bars of pantomime

She is the day of love

She is the bridge on which I wait
To watch the river beneath me flow
All spinning, surging far below
Along the deep and bending straights

She is the bridge of love

She is the air I breathe, entranced
Awake or asleep, in storm or cold
I'm going to wash my lifted ball
A sky that calls me out to dance

She is the air of love

She is the day through which I walk
Toward the bridge where she stands
She is the air I breathe to sing
She is the smile without demands

She is the smile that keeps me warm
With matchless laughter, eyes ablaze
A mischief mystery she plays
Upon the flute of early morn

She is the smile of love
She is the air of love
She is the day of love

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