Nana And Nani
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Don't Fall In Love Yuh fallin from a plane gyal, yuh from above, Listen…

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Damodara Ramnarine

The two people who inspired the lyrics of the song. Balroop and Mangree Beharry.They are pictured with their son Pollard.
Nana was Balroop and Nanee was Mangree.
They resided at Mahadeo Trace, Tim Shop, Debe. They were cane cutters at Monkey Town Sugar Estate. Every morning @4:00 they would go to work on Nana’s bicycle , Nanee would sit on the bar. Nana did enjoy a bit of the “white one”.
They had 3 children, Leela, Polo and Pollard. They all migrated to Montreal, Canada.
Leela got married to Lalchan Sahadeo of Granville. Lalchan was a local singer and dabbled in composing local songs.
He and his family settled with his in-laws in Debe in the late 60’s. His children called Balroop and Mangree, Nana and Nanee.
Sundar Popo worked with Balroop and Mangree at the Sugar Estate. Lalchan and his family were preparing to migrate to Montreal about the time he composed a song about his mother-in- law and father-in-law. Lalchan left this song with Sunder Popo before he migrated to Canada with his family.
Sundar Popo recorded this song in 1969 as Nana and Nanee. The rest is history now.
The house that Nana and Nanee lived in is still there, the 3rd house on the right side in Mahadeo Race, Debe. Nana died in Trinidad, Nanee died in Montreal where all her children had migrated to. The sons have passed on.
Leela is still alive but Lalchan has passed on.
Sadly it is alleged that he was never given recognition or credit for the song Nana and Nanee or received any royalties.
Thank you Bobby and Anand Balroop for the picture.

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My dad was from Trinidad and I'm so glad he introduced so many aspects of Trinidadian and Indian culture to me and my family---I especially love the music. Lol, this song is so dark but so catchy, reminds me of Copa Cabana lol

Cody Balram

Cool! I am Trinidadian!


@Cody Balram Well howdy ho brother :D

Aruna Khudan

Sundar Popo was a legend from Trinidad, he deserves all the recognition for his contribution to indian culture in Trindiad

da deo

This guy was a hero in Guyana cause at the time we had no Indian musician of any major talent..thanks and this was the first big hit...

Compé Anansi

Such a haunting and sorrowful ballad. Certainly my favourite Sundar Popo tune.

Sharad Mohip

People don’t understand the darkness behind this song... great song

Aretha Grassi

I guess he was shearing what it was like back then.

Shaz G


Lyrical X Presser

This song is more than just a great rhythm and melody, it is a serious social commentary of Trinidadians that even transcends to this time. Alcoholism, Subservient abuse. Domestic violence. Abandonment. All in a 3 minute Chutney song! Arguably the best song in it's genre!

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