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Sunspot Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sunspot:

2012 The fault lies not within our stars, This is the whimper, …
Eat Out My Heart I've waited so long for you to call, but now you're…
More Than My Degree I know you're my TA but this is more than…
Neanderthal Virtual murder, pixelated death, we can kill each other, …
Prozac Girl Is she a victim of her own physiology, Or just a…
Scott Bakula I used to watch Quantum Leap, every night with my girlfrien…
Summer Day The purposelessness of a summer day, Well I don't know wher…
Sweet Relief I'm just a puppet in your hands, a slave to your…
Uncanny Valley All circuits go and powered on, Reconstructed from the piec…

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Comments from YouTube:


hello, this method worked for me ...thankyou so much. I have made a 2nd hand bookstore, i want to add search feature to my "All books page"...unfortunately this ransack method works for me only with the scaffold fields. Can u help me with the issue?

Mike Rogers

@ARSHAN BHANAGE_192010 got a repo to share?


Man it's been almost an hour that i don't understand how this gem is working. Maybe i'm tired or stupid but i find the documentation extremely poorly explained.

But thanks to you everything is clear now :D The video that i was searching, thanks again !

Mike Rogers

Awesome! Documentation can be tricky, it's normally written assuming you know a bunch before hand which they don't explain. I'm super glad to hear this helped :)

Guy Pittard

Q for queen?

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