Sunz of Man feat. 7th Ambassador Lyrics

What's up man?

Yo Priest what's up with that track man?
Let me represent that shit for dolo man, fuck that

Yo fuck that man, word is bond
I'm reckin on this mike man, fuck that kid

What up

I'mma transport inside the mind that ya got
And I'mma transport to a braisol and drop to begin
To spread ya Aloe head gel
Every tape has an inmate and blow up ya brain cells
All ya reactions is trapped in my time warp
And smoke 'em, ya get leg broken
Home, choken by roast a deli slogans
To once, quick to get guns I blow ya open
I'm from the L's of the Murderville
Where we possess to kill, and strangle the demons, 'cause schemin on skills
My styles is disguised, nigga ply ya naked eye
I twist minds, insert through ya disc drives
To reprogram ya dead computer, they ain't no future
When ya beein in a killin zone cross shooter
Hype is not for winners it's for sinners that are losers
Guess I spell profanity, on all mics that'll handle me
Then I brain damage, leave ya deaf, dumb and stranded
Abandon all ya missed, understand it understands
See it's hectic, for niggas that quenchin
So they get wetted, with techs in their hands, hoes in they head
Ran on my land, ya kind digest raw stress
When all ya thoughts up gots to pay tape, I'm x rated
And love to kick that I made it
Religion is racism, and I ate this rhythm
Oh shit, time to execute that new maneuver
'Cause I feel this shit will be very unexpected
My mind a worse, weapon, murderin all cyphers and sessions
I love my moms, 'cause havin her gone was a blessin
And they know until I stop, not be ready to I fuck it
Chop ya head, style, I'm the ripper
The mentally ill individual, growin up,
thinkin like, hangin with criminals
I'm on a Ram-Page and plus I'm lyrical, miracles
We make niggas dig up they graves, like the Aztecs with AIDS
All hell pays when ya livin in my Horror Days, in my Horror Days

Verbally surprising, mind magnetizin
Niggas is hypnotized from the rhymes I'm vocalizin
Paragraphs, thoughts, thoughts from distorture
I dare, from L's, to when they dwell to my ears fell out
I get buddha black when I reless the stress
Thoughts that I address, niggas can't contest
Ya get rained on, this random in the flap with the brainstorm
Create that new shit while ya still singin the same songs
Get it straight, I paralize ya mind state with hate
Intense pain, ya brain get maintained to wait superparalysis
Allowing these brain cells with cow asarbavation
Of a situation that makes an analysis
Conclusion, bust might cause confusion cause of the words
How you like substitution, conclusion, have ya brain get brutalized
Sabotage ya mental, my rhymes ya can't manage
Those that battle, I got that aight no with brain damage
Niggas step I guess suicidal intentions
Get throwed out the rain like a dame women extensions
I leave ya with ya mind in potention
That rhymes that I mention,
Will blast you through a whole nother dimension
Your pores, tossed in the land of the lost
I keep it real, when it feels no remorse, those that cross
My path, will get blasted to the beginning
The bottom of the barrel, no tears to admit 'cause ya
thoughts is crazy narrow
Nah, amplifly the death blow front
If you wan't the chance to die, rap fanatic
A slave to the rhythm like an adict
Man slaughter, my solid flow is sorta automatic
When I lift up the spliff and I rip up a rhyme
For the fool who want to flip, I gotta rip on the night
When whenever, I'm clever with the style that I shoot with
Full of funk, electryifing like ya execution
To give to the top, a rock, a droppet
I'm wicked outta here like I'm Mustafa forgot dat


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Deidade Kalondjo

yo supreme7 you could share more rare tracks like this.....awesome shyt.....sunz of man one of my favs's

Izrealness izra

Classic shit!!!


oh, nice upload! man supreme, you got good taste posting this... I didn't know you were into sunz of man! lmao.. just kidding man, stay up!

Amboy Slum

deadly technicals!





Amboy Slum



do you work a 9-5 job? or just grind on music?


the streets aint grimy no more....had to clear the streets so gays could skateboard

Franklin Clinton

did buckwild produce this song it sound like a buckwild beat

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