Hell Hole
Sunz of Man feat. 7th Ambassador Lyrics

Welcome to the Hell Hole
The only escape is to die
And the truth you believe, tell lies
To ya eyes

Competition I disinagrate, if you another wack I hate one
I tie you down to a hot spike table
You ain't able to stand still own your flat line
You trap bomb inventor
Your mind is in the center of the Hell Hole
And I smell ya nose in my business
By the way tell Santa Claus, I mean Satan Claus who
want to burn a devil up for Christmas
I need attention, parental discreation is advised
So lies in face, for eternity, life that is
All beats without water,
I order all demons in the streets of insanity
To become what ya plan be, stand over criminology
In ya society, why die for dead presidents you everyday slave
Got reality for evidence,
water trap bodies like a magnet to rays in the ground
What goes up that don't come down
My flow is deep under water style, that will drown individuals
Ritual of rhymes with Jews, that send the smartest
nerd back to school on bad news
Verbally I abuse ya mental and we use ya brain as a mental
Until my lyrics, I sent you, spilt, spread
Throughout ya empty head spinnin
Why should I beg, hope and pray, when I'm already
promised a death day
I come eliminate with no gimmicks, and all mean I give you
No ideas to mimic, so many wannabes on tracks
Like they playas, chasin acts they couldn't kill
Shit is real, can ya emotions really feel it

Livin in hell
Livin in hell
Livin it, everyday
You even get bucked by steel
This seeds is ill
And our peoples is passin away

Resurrected from the grounds of the devilish demons
Let me just assure you, that you not even dreamin
'cause there should be reality, ya negative metallic
Doin art, body parts, take a stroll into my gallery
Cuttin bodies open and I hang em by they veins
Play em like fuck so they can entertain me
As I relax with some whiney shit
'cause there's somethin really wrong with mine and shit
Niggas be mad scared of the shit I be kickin
With the burner motherfuck on the brilliest invention
I'm real, harder than steel, tougher than lether
And all that rough shit put together
Not the kinda nigga that easy to kill
'Cause death, ask the death it's kinda hard to be filled
I'm illa than a nigga laid to rest
And look you still standin, and at the present point I'm clandin
All the wall the angels of the world to get ya
Better raise ya like quitar let the force be with ya

How should I do ya? Should I stick a knife through ya back
Ya wack, admit it against ya jack for ya contract
Horror Days is every day, playin with ya dead
I scrape the skin off the head, and ya skull I get it cracked like that
As I wrap ya brain cells up like a mummy
Ya gotta make money, all the honies fuck later
Eliminate niggas like the Terminator
Attack of the perpetrators, beware of originators
Danger, begin the air that you breathin
Schemin all eat, is like a real fat ass nigga leanin on me
So back up off me, closed up in a coffin, and let ya coffin up
Out ya mouth, quit chokin off a razor blade, first of aid
Havin naked sex, go to hell with ya tech
Ya followin in it on the next nigga dick check
Come ready, get ready, for the X to get wet


Greeters from hell, as I swell ya brain cells
Quarter off within the 12th gong of ya church bell
Teachers prepare from the hole
Ease splill it to the Devil's control
Knockin at ya, ya soul
There's no way to escape
Ya must come face to face with the gates of hate
Dominate ya mind state, for words ya can't relate to the words
I been cursed at birth till I had on Earth
People dyin the route, people tryin to drown be on death
Never keep bouncin on my chest
Can't catch my breath, so I gasp for air
In Hell poison and pollution is in the atmosphere
Word is bond, this shit is like the gong that it jet
The evil thought that be born in ya head

You shall dwell here for eternity
In the Hell Hole, In the Hell Hole
Motherfucka, you ain't comin out


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