First Love
Super Junior Lyrics

Nan geudae maneui oppa
Geudaen namaneui yeoja
Hangsang ne gyeote isseo julke

Nan geudae maneui oppa
Dalkkomhan uri sarang
Oppan neoman sarang hallae

I cheon yuk nyeon I weol I il
Naege on geu nal
Hayan nun cheoreom
Geu moseub

Gieokhaeyo nan jageun geu tteollim majeodo
Naege gidaeeoseo jamdeun geudae
Dalkkomhan ibmatchumeul ooh~ ooh~
Neol saranghae

Saranghae I mal bakken
Saranghae I mal bakken
Julke igeot ppuninde

Chang bakke nuni naeryeo
Garodeung bulbit arae
Geu ane neowa naega isseo

Nan geudae maneui oppa
Geudaen namaneui yeoja
Oppan neoman sarang hallae

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Comments from YouTube:

Meriane Payla

This song is so detailed. It really expresses his feelings...

Lucía Morelia de la Rosa Salas

This song it’s a must in his new album


i remember back then this song is for us😭😭😭😭❤️❤️


Such a cute song! Really suit Donghae's personality <3 I wonder if he compose this song himself?

Je Je

@Demi yesss i know that


@Je Je nah that person is just a delusional shipper (just like any Donghae's ships out there lmao). Dara is only a friend that he knows since his high school days, and Donghae is not even an "oppa" to her as Dara is 2 years older than him

Je Je

@xxi curacao really?

xxi curacao

SereneJazz he wrote this for dara his high school friend and first love 😀😀😀😀
we all know sandara park have a snow white skin 😊

John Karlo Delen

I love the intro like tf it fits as an OST for a Kdrama

Grissah D'hae

This song makes me cry..😣

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