Super Junior Lyrics

[Yesung]Oneuldo yuhkshi apeun gaseum ikkeulgo
Guhwool ape nae moseubeul baraboge dwejyo
[Kyuhyun]Uhdduhn moseupdo sesang seulpeum da gajin pyojuhngggaji
Jiuhbomyuh saenggakhage dwejyo

[Donghae]Nuhneun jogeumdo jamshido jichijido anhanneunji
[Ryeowook]Nae modeun guhl nohchiji anhgo ddarahajyo
[Donghae]Guhwoolchuhruhm geu saramdo naega sarang junmankeumman
[Sungmin]Ddaraomyuhn an dweneunji
[All]Gaseuma nuhmu mianhae nuhdo sarangbadgo shipuh haneunde
[Yesung]Motnan nan apeumman jwusuh
[All/Kyuhyun]Gaseuma nuhmu mianhae hangsang geudaewa gati hagopeunde
[Sungmin]Ibyuhlman nawa hamggehago
[Kyuhyun]Mearichuhruhm handu baljjak dwieman suhijjyo

[Ryeowook]Saranghandago suchuhn buhneul marhaedo
Ijuh dallan geu hanmadie ibyuhreul hajyo

[Leeteuk]Nappeudago jiwoondago geudael wuhnmangeul haebwado
[Sungmin]Geuruhl ddaemyuhn nae gaseumeun duh honeul naejyo
[Leeteuk]Geuruhji mallago uhnjengan naege doraondamyuh
[Ryeowook]Uhrisogeun gidael hajyo

[All/Kyuhyun]Gaseuma nuhmu mianhae nuhdo sarangbadgo shipuh haneunde
[Kyuhyun]Motnan nan apeumman jwusuh
[All/Kyuhyun]Gaseuma nuhmu mianhae hangsang geudaewa gati hagopeunde
[Ryeowook]Ibyuhlman nawa hamggehago
[Kyuhyun]Mearichuhruhm handu baljjak dwieman suhijjyo

[Donghae]Guhwoore bichin nae moseup barabomyuh
Uhneusaenga nuhwa dalma ganeun naemoseup
Nuhwa dareunge hanado uhbsuh naenunen
Nuhana nae maeum nuhana bichwuh
[Eunhyuk]Uhjjuhjyo ijen juhngmal kkeutijyo
Geutorok woolgo boolgo maedallyuhdo
Amuruhn gidae majuhdo ijeneun uhbjyo wooseulsu isseulguhra miduh
Gaseume nunmuri heulluh shigani heulluhgado sangchuhman duhalppunijyo

[All/Kyuhyun]Gaseuma nuhmu mianhae
Nuhdo dareun sarangeul hage dwemyuhn apeumeul iggo sal tende
[All]Gaseuma nuhmu mianhae
[All/Kyuhyun]Sarangeun youngwoneul mal hagopeunde
[All]hyuhnshireun ibyuhreul marhajyo
[Yesung]Motnan nan miryuhnira haedo geuriwuhagejjyo

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Comments from YouTube:

M . .

Yesung voice its not joke

Michel Rodrigues

His technique is nothing to write home about.

Amazing Person

Ah yes, the song SuJu performed on Hidden Track, it’s such a pretty song, the vocals from all 13 members are top-tier and Hyukjae’s rap is superior 😭

the wanderer

I know them since that time they became the first Kpop group to held a concert in our country. That time I just know them since it's all over the news and the song I only know from them was Sorry Sorry. I didn't bother with Kpop at that time because I was still in elementary (?) and I'm really bad at memorozing faces (to think they're composed of 13 people). It was only until know, after I heard this song from their show where they somewhat celebrates their 15 years anniversary (?) and they sang it there. Prior to that, I was watching Heechul's funny parts on Knowing Bros and Youtube somewhat recommended those funny clips when Heechul's with Super Junior especially that show where 8/9 (?) of the members are there. Today, I've been a fan of only one Kpop group and I love their songs since it talks deep about self love. I know and like some songs which are from other groups/ solo artists which are amazing. I know quite a few of K-idols as well and as of now, I get to know a little of Super Junior and this amazing song which will now be added to my favorites. I can't deny the fact that their vocals at some point are better than the one I'm stanning right now but I guess every group has their charms. Lastly, I just want to say BIG RESPECT to this group Super Junior for being one of the pillars of Kpop that helped the genre to be known to the world (even the Miss Universe from our country stans them and Choi Siwon is her bias 🤭).

Stephanie Andaluz

2005 fans, do you remember the first time you hear this song?... T_T I do <3

Hana Oh


Jasmine Pastor

I'm from 2009, as I was getting to know them by that time, I accidentally listened to this song and I like it because of the meaning and of course their voice. So sad It didn't got much attention the time it was released. This song needs more attention.


Muy bien Super Junior, excelente todos. Yesung es fuera de serie, es espectacular, su voz simplemente es un "Don", simplemente "la perfección". Yesung es admirable, es extraordinario.

Snehal Machave

Why does it always painful when I listen to suju songs... Guys you made me go to past always! You make me miss those best times of life and sad too...


I have to watch this clip from a bigger screen just to see which member sing the part. There were so many of them back then.

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