Super Junior Lyrics

[RW] Imae maechin ttambangul wien banjjagineun neoui nundongja
[LT] Gureum sairo jeo ssodajineun haessalboda bitnaneun miso uhuhuhu

[EH] Sonkkoba aetage gidaryeo wasseo what

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Comments from YouTube:

Caesar D

Honestly it's almost weird. The part Yesung sang. Almost didn't fit with song cause the contrast is so noticeable but surprisingly it's fit. And his part is one of my favorite

Mina's Blonde hair

Yeah same

Abigail K.

2:44 Yesung's part gave me CHILLS 😳

Toka Magdy

I justed wanted to listen to a good song
and that one was 💙



Jacelyn Liew

Oh I love this song thanks for making this😍

Ethan Ha

Wasn't Siwon in the military during this time?

Ethan Ha

Who cares? ? Oh


Nope in 2015 he go to military, this song is in 2012 album.

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