Wonder Boy
Super Junior Lyrics

또 택하면 돼 내 삶의 Concept
짜릿한 세상 속에
난 잘하니까 잘난 나니까 믿어봐
거울을 봐
빛을 바라기만 해 언제나 해맑게
보이지 않는 눈물은 있겠지만
알아주기만 해줘
이 작은 세상 안에서
이 작고 여린 내 가슴 안엔
환한 세계를 감싸 안아
달려보자 내일을 향한
두려움 따윈 없어
고독한 태양아래 밝게 비춰줄
나 Wonder Boy 예
문제엔 항상 비밀이 있어
그 해답은 간단해
오 춤을 추듯 그 느낌
그대로 빠져봐 두려워 마
늘 힘든 일일 거라고
미리 상상하지 마
보이지 않는 눈물은 있겠지만
시작도 끝도 모두
내가 만들어 보는 거야
하늘을 날아가서 별이 되어
반짝이는 나잖아
눈부신 태양은 날 비춰주네
환한 미소로
우산은 하나면 되 두렵진 않게
나 Wonder Boy 예


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Comments from YouTube:

Heebum Kim

Yuri of snsd (orange shirt) . Key of Shinee (back up) , Suho of Exo (One of the band members) and Henry made a cameo here 💙


The fact that most SHINee members and Henry (possibly Suho too) were all pre-debut members of SJ units just bring back so many memories

Bebo KangTeuk

The part when they pulled the panda's head off leeteuk nd how all of them surrounded him w laughters is still my fav

Vivanya Todd

It was my favourite part too and I thought it was funny...
Until I found out that Leeteuk only appeared at the end because he was still recovering from his car accident and Kyuhyun wasn't in the movie at all because he's still in hospital T.T

moonchild. ☾

I miss old school suju. This movie. This song. OT13. Wanna watch it again for the 3Rd time. Wish this was the theme song for my school xD Learn the dance complete with the dance lol

Marskie Hyuk Jae Eunhae

Really miss the old days.....with hangeng& kibum oppa..........this makes me really happy..

Marskie Hyuk Jae Eunhae

@nova yuni hi....really sorry ok......ill be happy if i can reply.....we dont mean to hurt ur feelings at all......just asking if y u ask on this vedio suddenly......a frendly ask......😃😄😀

nov atjeh

:) ♥♥♥♥


that right.....

Marskie Hyuk Jae Eunhae

@김려욱 周觅Jung Aya ne

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