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Only Summer Knows
Susana Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Susana:

Closer I'm trying to tell you somethin' about my life Maybe give…
Fall In Deep Fall apart The question's why? I play my heart The senseless…
Frozen Damn those helpless eyes I was misled by a devil in…
If I Could I wasn't there for you That morning When you came to collect…
If You Should Go A troubled mind in search Of a bright neon bay I swim…
Sunrise One more breath As the daybreak awakes And I'm here safe wit…
The Other Side Your demons and your spirits Couldn't talk them away Seeking…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Charlie Smolinski


No they usually have a professional DJ/Music Producer 🎼 that actually produces the songs/tracks 🎧 and their arrangements either alone or with another DJ/Producer and then they work to integrate the lyrics with the Vocalist 👨‍🎤 🎤 to get the right flow and feeling of the song/track that they're working on afterwards.

But preferably in a perfect 👌 world 🌎 setting, they all try to collaborate from the start of the project so that they're all on the same page and it also makes the workday and work-plan run much more smoothly and efficiently. They can get things done ✅ faster 💨 and achieve the overall goal 🥅 of the project much more quickly, precisely and productively. Without all of the stress and headaches that can possibly come along with working separately and then having to come together and arrange everything at the end.

Although both ways are used widely in the EDM industry, I'm sure that most professional DJ's, Music Producers 🎼🎧 and Vocalists 👨‍🎤 🎤 would rather collaborate together as much as possible. I hope 🤞that my answer and explanation is satisfactory to you.

Have a Nice 👍 Day!

Take Care and May God Bless You! 🖖

In Trance We Trust... From Above & Beyond... To Z-17 and Infinity... I ❤️Trance and EDM and I will continue to do so until the day that I die off from this primitive planet 🌎 and move onto the next great 👍 dimension... Schooooooommm!!!... 🚀🚀🚀🌠🌠🌠👽👽👽...tbc...

All comments from YouTube:

Alex de Sas Van Damme

I'm sorry but, as a true fan of Trance music, I can't understand how is it posible this song doesn't have more recognition, not in the world of commercial music, but at least it should be a masterpiece in Trance world.

It's been to years since I discovered this song, and it's still the most uplifting and powerfull song of the genre I've ever heard.




I can listen to this again and again.


Her voice is so beautiful, together with uplifting trance, goosebumps!

Mandy Lane


Adam Middleton

Wow, wow, wow!!! This is something EPIC! Susana's vocals + Uplifting beat= Perfection

Ivan GG

Yesss 🔝🔝🔝🔝

Zlatan Nike


Abdullah Yavuz Eryiğit

Susana's voice just for the trance music.

Jeri Atrix

One of the most powerful voices in trance; or any other genre for that matter. Beautiful natural vibrato and dead on key. What a pleasure to hear!

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