Hold My Head
Swain Lyrics

When I'm feeling down, I don't wanna get up
I'm waiting for the day when I've felt enough
Got a needle and thread, to fix my head
But the hole is too large, so I'll count myself dead

Now I'm feeling blue, like a long dark blue
I wanna get well, but it acts like glue
Patch me up, but keep me down
Hold my head till I drown, drown, drown

Contributed by Adam J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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volume is too low on this video

Stoned Savage

Do you have anything on your computer or phone that can enhance the sound?




This Routine is Nirvana.

Plainly Jane

@Ecléctico Iconoclasta i feel like it's mostly nirvana with occasional weezer
At least listening to album i was like "Sweet, i love nirvana" but at periods ur like "wait, maybe its weezer"

Ecléctico Iconoclasta

more like This Routine is Weezer


This is fully sick, nice.

The Sharkinator

Purple Vinyl?
Only €30?

this is what I've been waiting for

Bongo Bongo347

Their vocalist has some nice choppers

Ben Aaron

I like this.

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