Swain Lyrics

Dirty hands, blistered feet,
playing in the sun but now we're feeling the heat.
Summer in the suburbs, safe and sound,
knowing what it's like: nostalgia brings us down.

Nostalgia burns.

We've roamed the streets, always out of luck.
The glory days, but now we're sobering up.
Scraped our knees to the barren ground.
It's only skin, but nostalgia keeps us down.

Yet we still raise our fists to the heedless skies.
We piss on god, our ethos never dies.

Nostalgia burns.
Nostalgia hurts.
Nostalgia flirts.
Nostalgia fucks us up.

Contributed by Tristan K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Casey Norlander

It's like if Modern Life Is War and The Suicide File had a very angry baby.


Man, he has a good voice

Alex Dee

I've been listening to this all day..... can't stop jkhjhfgt

Robin De Boelpaep

can't wait to hear this song live this sunday

terry oberson

How'd you set all that stuff on fire without getting arrested? lol


The video was great but the vocals and the music was

Scott Bowden

Excellent. Sounds amazing.


Hardcore punk at it's finest right here.

Smokey McBongwater




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