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Torr's Empathy Jam
by Swirlies

I have a complex about how I look in t-shirts with big, stretched-out necks
I have been exposed to the products of life without love
As well as the products of superior genius
And, as usual, I haven't the slightest idea of what to tell about where I've been and what I've been doing
Me and my lover, we keep our treasure trails to a whiffle
We're connected at our hip and in all our orifices
I was just with him last night in the shower
They were like "Dude, get with us"
And I got with them
I'm lazy, but something always interesting happens

Kicked out of mom's house
Kicked out of dad's house
But I think it's justice that we're using to blow off all our negative steam

I've had to do some stuff that I couldn't even tell you about
Writing home is like walking on glass, I have to edit my life
Tell everyone what they want to hear, but what about the truth?
You could get killed, oh my god, I'm so fucking scared to die!
I should be able to tell you the truth
I'm mentally unstable: obsessive
I feel as if my family thinks that I have different priorities than they do
I don't think they understand that I don't have priorities
The highest priority in my life is making love; I love to spread love
All day and make love all night
Nothing else matters but money
Money is my wrench in the works
I've got... it's got

[Torr, use your knowledge as a tool, not a weapon]

But if you give a lot of love, you get lots of shit for free
Can purpose be found in things like rats and dogs?
Rewarded by coincidence?
It's so hard to spread love when you can't be yourself
It's like once I asked my sister...

[What did you ask her?]

It's called faith through empathy and it's through empathy, I hear...

I wear the same pants everyday, but it don't matter, dude
Because they're still sharing their earrings and spreading their AIDS
I hang out with people who smoke pot
Oh, I fell off, christ
T-Bone, you're a righteous king and I owe my life to you

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