Two Girls Kissing
Swirlies Lyrics

Days like this
May or might not count for much
But as such
I lost my way then found it
Where i least expected
Coulda melted

In a car in cambridge
Two girls kissing
Confiding in love
When i least expected

I can't go it's real hard
Sometimes i feel confused
And all my expectations down
And all my fears they start to slip away

Days like this
May or might not count for much
But as such
Lost my way then found it
When i least expected

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Comments from YouTube:


This has always been a favorite song of mine so it was a nice surprised to stumble upon it again.  It's one of the best examples of a specific moment in time when a bubble of innovation in the music scene appeared in the US around a couple of labels and a handful of bands.  It's one of the poster children for that quirky, noisy, frantic/chaotic, pop music.

If the instrumental break starting around 4:08 into the song doesn't make you smile and want to get off your ass and move, then you might want to see a doctor. :)

K Chaste

+cnamejj this was right around/during the whole brit shoegaze movement too, so there's lots of cross polinization. I do love their riffs cribbing off Sonic Youth too but they seriously bent them out of shape, almost as satire. Makes me giggle.

Gabriella Elizabeth

my favorite song rn omg

laertes cortez

lol that's my fav one either, should we be friends? i guess so

Cory Suma

5 dislikes? What has this world come to :(

Derb Gentler

Six years later it's "only" 15 ... that's an extremely low rise over so many years!
I call it: The Swirlies Effect!

dijon streak

...don't pay attention to wannabe's......

bg nugget

amazing song

Brian Richards

man one of my favorites!
It's taken me forever to find this song ever since listening to it on cassette years ago.

Bob Adams

Took me years to find out who this was.

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