Vigilant Always
Swirlies Lyrics

Pneuma has left me now
And oh i forget it
There's something to say
For someone who won't talk to me
I'm not going
Why not
I know she's there beneath my window
There's a noise in her heart and it's fucking her up be to me the one and only
I should know cause she told me so
I know cause i'm right
Come to my window and throw stones of jell-o
There's a little black spot and she knows it's her conscience
I hope she learns how to cope with the pain in her heart
Cause it's tearing her apart
Be one while i sleep
Wide awake
Her eyes take me

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Comments from YouTube:

George P. Burdell

Without question one of the best shows I've been to, in 1993. They were even better live than one could imagine this song (and others) to be. They played almost every song I wanted to hear (only exception: "Didn't Understand"). Pulled out all the stops: Mellotron, using staticky radio as backup for "Her Life of Artistic Freedom," and more. Unforgettable.

Clemente Abyss

lucky you