Synthetic Breed Lyrics

Falling through forever
Planetary sickness
Shut out in the shadows
Move in empty space
Sensing but can not feel
This place pulled out from underneath
Preaching egocentric
Theology accepted
For the inequitable
Illusion is now complete
Futile efforts work in vain
Searching for peace of mind
False claims take the pain deliver us from our sin
Test subjects ingest history
To see our world with blinded eyes
Oblivious souls mesmerised
Bioorganic origins bound
To a post modern society
Infiltrate in continuity
Destiny brings self destruction
Genetic segregation
Systematic wreckage
Sinks into the waters
Suffocating the mind
You will hear the haunting truth
In states of indifference
Hold on to your life when pertinence is lost
Test subjects ingest novelty
To see our world with blinded eyes
Oblivious souls hypnotised
New synthetic formulas found
Chemicals counterbalancing the pathogenesis
Spreading like a plague no equilibrium
Prototypes of a silicon caste
We're nothing our cells evolving still
We're existing now self's dissolving us
Holding on it's all gone
Opening eyes
Completely mesmerised
Were hypnotised
And dead inside
It's all gone
Opening eyes
Completely mesmerized
Were hypnotized
And dead inside
(watch as our world dies)

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Not Lord Gols

e621: am i a joke to you?

Some Guy Paragon

My big brain self dedcied to check and apparently there's 14 now...


Ive actually checked the rule 34 and it is 9 images.


I would assume some liberties are taken with the sexiness levels.

Ze Rubenator

Literally every single Stellaris portrait is aggressively unsexy. I don't really want to see what rule34 has to offer...

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James K

Hearing the intro to your video, I just realised there needs to be an achievement called "The Birds and the Bees" which you get by having a hybrid pop that comes from an of an avian and an arthropoid species.



Sean Stenson


Marius Brandon

James K Thank you commenting this. I commented that before watching the whole video, and I couldn’t find the places where I previously commented on so that I could add an “Edit :” to them.

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