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T-Rock Lyrics

Reaksi kimia didalam darahku ...
Terasa mengalir deras .
Desah2 nafas.semakin memburu
Menuju kenikmatan .

Sekujur tubuhku .Bermandikan peluh .
Menahan gelombang ...
Bayang2 tubuh ... membawa hasratku .
Hanya naluri yang bicara .
Aku .ingin bercinta ...
Ingin sekali bercinta
Aku ingin bercinta.
Lepaskan semua tegangan...!!!

Pemandangan indah . menari dimata ...
Harus mencoba . tuk menggoda
Bagai gunung api . yang ingin meletus.
Memuntahkan lahar yang panas ...!!

Butuh pelepasan...
Ingin lampiaskan .

Contributed by Josiah V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Wow, I’m here to say that this is a prime example of a significant difference of “flowing” and just simply “rapping fast”. T-Rock was straight up flowing with this beat very smoothly.

Sanz Rich

Right ✅ it became therapeutic, I just closed my eyes and allowed my brain to go with the rhythm.

Brian Reese

Forreal he kills it on the Conspiracy Theory album as well

Deandra Young

Who still bumbing this 2020?

William Waddy




Blade Razor



I’m all down with the scandalous Marilyn

Solar Panel

@Sarah Wolfe bout the same year I heard it too, I burned cds for every one so I had to always find shit no one heard . T got fire songs

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Alexander Costello

Who’s still listening in 2019?

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