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Atlantis Mastered
T.E.D.D Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by T.E.D.D:

gold He is a man forced to live with the rats But…
Signs All I want is just some time All I need is…

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Alexander Cactaur

Hi I'm TAD Talkerton and you're watching Sportsball with TAD Talkerton.

TAD: The Athletics Department

Just a decidedly unfriendly reminder to all those lacking the competitive spirit...


Is it insulting to every intellect, San Bruno? Is it insufferably arrogant? Does it insist upon itself? Does it consume its own farts for sustenance while pontificating upon pseudologia?

Tedious Ergonomic Designs

Transcendental Endomorphic Determinism

Touchdown Endzone Dance

Now back to more Sportsball with TAD Talkerton. Hi, I'm your host, TAD Talkerton, and this is Sportsball, the show that doesn't. The show that is tell.

Technical writers go on strike by pretending to do their jobs. A good technical writer will never lose their job until they totally undermine the company they work for and completely dissolve its assets, at which point they should already be exceedingly enriched through illest eagle stock manipulation. Technically, I shouldn't have to explain this to #SundarPichai but here we are again.

Picture the sun in your hands, Sundar...

Now picture a series of frozen Capri Suns in the #Youtube office microwaves on deep defrost.

This is the world series of electromagnetic pulses made cheap as free! From free to shining free!

Bremsstrahlung emitted from plasma is sometimes referred to as NON??? IONIZING??? RADIAT----------ION???

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Noah Bernstein

who is procrastinating by watching this video rn?...




I keep seeing this suggested. I finally got around to watching it.


Been trying to watch this video for 4 years now, never got pas 30 seconds.

Alice Xu

Yeah me lol. I'm supposed to write my homework now.

Bhagvat Girish

Tomorrow there is an exam

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"You should start now"
  "It's too late already"
"It's never too late to start"
  "Well then there is still time....."

Brad Sanchez

Checkmate, Rational Decision-Maker.

Kristene Bell

@Joey J 68fy77ywd7g7sqxhuwxdh7wd8u9w8upipuau99aauu vvczzzsuuhfgvv.

Joey J

@quantrill I just lost my job. You'd think I would be eagerly setting about a new life plan, wouldn't you? Or something? Maybe I'm still in shock...meanwhile the monkey is driving...

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