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Cocaine Dancefloor ft. JAJ
T.E.D.D Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by T.E.D.D:

gold He is a man forced to live with the rats But…
Signs All I want is just some time All I need is…

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Comments from YouTube:


“i’m gonna ignore the fact you sleep with your eyes open”

it’s confirmed

we’re ethan


the fact that ethan is the one behind the camera makes this 10x better


Also if you heard the feminine yawn that took place when we woke up, that also shows we're ethan

Gabriel Tejada

Godofchaosandmadness no, no... that reference was used in a Heist with Markiplier


i would assume it's wade since Damian implied they were college buddies, and we all know Wade has known Mark since high school, or it could be bob

Gabriel Tejada

4th wall break: Ethan is the cameraman

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Twilight Emily-Afton

Plot twist: Mark just fell asleep and his body dissapeared because he woke up and went home.

Mathew Wine

well this is an akward comment

Galaxy Wolf gacha

This comment is nearly as good as the episode 😘

Cosmic Void

@Daniel Montoya he WAS

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