T.E.D.D Lyrics

All I want is just some time
All I need is just another sign

[ VERSE 1 ]
Sittin at the breakfast table, smokin me a spliff
Say wassup to my lil' sis
13 and already knocked up
But the little black daddy don't give a fuck
Her mama mad cause she gave up
Took her to church every week, it couldn't save her
I got a daughter and a son
Before he say 'daddy', little nigga might say 'gun'
I sit back, I blow a kiss to my mother
Even though she old, the nigga still love her
But I never knew my daddy
Nah, all I knew was some nigga in a Caddy
Stopped by every year by Christmas
Talkin that bullshit he missed us
I don't look like my granny or my mammy
I look like a muthafucka named Sammy
My mother musta been a young slut
Always talkin about the days when she had a big fat butt
You gotta do what you gotta do what you gotta do
Yo, I drink a brew
I sit back and start thinkin
Damn, should a nigga be smokin and drinkin?

All I need is just another sign
All I want is some time
All I need is just another sign

[ VERSE 2 ]
Wake up in the morning 'bout a quarter after six
Nikes on my feet, Jimmy hat on my dick
Sis on the corner, tryin to sling rock
Gramps in the back, tryin to get cock
Got me a forty, balls kinda itchin
Mom in the kitchen, start the bitchin
Smokin cheeba, take another hit
Step into the bathroom and take a little shit
I start thinkin and thinkin and thinkin
My man, I wish that I was drinkin
With my niggas, all of my homies
Fuckin with the bitches, they want to blow me
Schoolly D, you know that I'm a lover
I fucks your aunt, your sister and your mother
Now to the nigga in the Caddy who said he was my daddy
Here's a little messge from your laddie
Fuck you, why should I bother?
What the fuck I need with a punk-ass father

All I need is just another sign
All I want is just some time (3x)

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Comments from YouTube:

Stef S

So what if he has a voice box? The whole court literally just heard him saying other coherent sentences that aren't programmed, so him pressing his chest proves nothing.

jeries mee

Pelcogo in all seriousness it wouldn’t lol


@TokeE420 if this was made for kids then i was raised wrong XD


It's a kids movie

Hayden Young

Honestly the equivalent of tapping someone under their kneecap and getting a reaction from muscle. Argument has no merit in my opinion

punched slinkey

If I was Ted I would have pretended to press my chest and would have said something out of the blue like, piss off douchebag and would have told that the lawyer to sue Hasbro for profanity. Just for shitz and giggles

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I don't care what anyone says, this is a great movie.

Corey Allen

They wouldn't dare say it. This movie will never age


I mean like it is


Who’s arguing with you?

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