Our World
T.R.U.T.H. Lyrics

This is our world
And yo life
We are the ones
Open yo eyes
I said
This is our world
And yo life
We are the ones
Open yo eyes
And focus my friend
Together we stand
Us getting together is part of the plan
The weather is changing not much understand
But we can fix it up ya
Weather getting warm
Every single living thing is drying up
And how are we suppose to fight back if nobody want in
But not many know about it, so they wouldn't ask when
Yeah, look at the future
Can you see what it look like
It's only getting hotter
Everything's drying up no water
Some of the rivers are gone
When I was all small, Santa Cruz has been dry for so long
Kicking it with the homies when it was monsoon season we got much rainfall
The city of Tucson too beautiful for us to let it all die
The future is not looking brighter so what can we do
Save all the water we can
Reuse everything
Gotta use less on energy
If you're not using one switch then turn it off
That's a way that we waste we don't know enough
Then we go
We want better days, just wanna see some better days
Better days, better ways, better days
Can I maybe stay? I want to see our world be safe in front of my face
Is it late? can I wait? is it late
Are there better days? I want to see them better days in front of my face
Better days, better ways, better days
Can our world be saved? Can we see our world be safe? Or
Is it late? Can I wait? Is it late
But this our world
We know that the desert is hot and our plants can take it huh
Well actually it's gotten hotter so most of our plants are just dying up
We know that the animals can take the heat cause they're used to it
Well actually they can't find water no more so wild life has reduced a bit
Back in the day every time it was summer
It was a warm day with a little breeze under
Actually got a whole lotta of flood
We barely see any now, y'all noticed any of that
So getting together communities form
Planting the seed for the next to be born
Your home is your home
Clean up the mess that we made, or our home will be torn
Cause I don't wanna see my home getting destroyed
We need to make a future first so when can we all join
We can make a change I promise that's if we all start today
Cause time is running out, we won't have any time when it's all too late
But it starts with us, gotta change it up gotta change the way we live
We must speak up to our peers, and tell'em all what this world can give
If only we kept home clean
But it's not too late
You see we have some time
But we can not wait
It's our world

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Written by: Raul Duarte

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

David Kessler

​@Jake getrost "Literally every point you made in your 7 point response are negative or why you think conspiracies are bad."

Which of those points do you specifically dispute - and why?

"You seriously need to read a book"

I've read many - and written quite a few.

"every event in history has been misconstrued in some way"

"...therefore making the truth a conspiracy" - FALSE. Misinterpretation shows human fallilibility and prejudice, not conspiracy.

"Again, the epstein story is absolutely part of the video."

Remind me where in the video it is mentioned.

" Also is The Bush crime family" - WHAT'S THAT?

"... starting with Nazi Prescott," - WHO is that.

" Also Hollywood." - what are you talking about? That there are lies and dirty secrets in Hollywood? I agree. That there is abuse of people in Hollywood? I agree. That Hollywood is part of ONE BIG conspiracy? I DISagree. That certain people are using Hollywood to influence people? I agree. In fact three DIFFERENT groups of people are using Hollywood to influence people; the Left, the Right and the Chinese Government.

"This is relevant because the video pretends like the global conspiracy does not exist" - it doesn't

" when these things I just mentioned (Epstein, Hollywood, etc.) Absolutely are evidence it does exist."

They are not. They are evidence that some people commit crimes, that some rich, powerful people get away with crimes, and that rich, powerful people are more likely to get away with crimes than us ordinary folk. (It isn't right, but it doesn't add up to a global conspiracy.)

"Now its just a few pieces so it may not seem like it if you dont know all the other pieces."

Other way round, you are connecting things that are not connected. The only "conection" is that these "pieces" are all sad reflections of the bad aspects of human nature. If 10 people in different places commit one murder each, they may all be murderers, they may all be motivated by the same negative psychological-emotions, but that doesn't mean they're part of a conspiracy. Just that in a world of 8 billion people there are some bad ones.

But now I'm beginning to understand your mind set. You like to see order in the world instead of chaos, and the way in which you do it is to impose order by connecting unrelated matters and coming up with a global conspiracy.

"Context is important." - with that I DEFINETELY agree.

"But also theres not one document outlying all the parts of a global world government."

There is no global world government. There are many national governments, some democratic, some undemocratic. Sometimes they cooperate, sometimes they compete and sometimes they fight.

"We know it exists" - no, you imagine it.

"because we've read the books" - by conspiracy theorists who either monetize their bogus claims or else have their own agenda to sow the seeds of dissent in the west.

"and hundreds of articles" - quoting or paraphrasing each other, thus reinforcing the prejudices of the gullible (have you ever read any anti-conspiracy books?)

"weve seen piece after piece of this puzzle"

No we've see disparate events that we would like to link together because that helps us to find order where there is mostly chaos.

"and then everything starts coming together."

In our delluded minds, guided by the "helpful" advice of conspiracy theorists (like David Icke) who tells us that the world is run by shape-shifting reptiles and (Alex Jones) who told us that children were being held captive in the cellar of a pizza restaurant.

"There is not connecting real to imaginery," Yes there is.

"Epstein was part of what this video is arguing DOES NOT EXIST."

No, he was an evil, powerful man, with powerful friends, who committed crimes against young women.

Kaylyn Hewell

And one day...
For no reason at all....

Who owns and runs the federal bank of America?
Who owns and runs the world banks?
Who owns and runs Hollywood?
Who owns and runs the porn industry?
Who owns and runs the news papers, TV channels?
Who owns and runs big tech/internet censorship?
Who owns and runs big pharma?
Who owns and runs big agriculture?
Who owns and runs the private military industrial corporations?
Who was Cynthia Mckinney telling us all of congress had to pledge and sign loyalty over to them?
What was Congressmans Findleys book about?
Who owns the lobbies in America?

I could keep going...

This is not a crack pot conspiracy....
This is not about Q
This is not about Adrenachrome.

This is about the enemy within that took over the US government, industry, and money.

And yes (((They))) are not all Kweish but they are all Zionists.


Game Over

@Zucker G. Do you think Ukraine 'has' sovereignty? Do you understand that Ukraine was prevented from joining the EU because it was too corrupt?

Ukraine's sovereignty is an illusion.
It is currently led by an actor who played a popular character on a tv network about 'being a popular president'. The TV station was owned by the same man that funded his 'off screen' election campaign.

The Biden family, Polenski, McCann's... and many many lesser known criminal syndicates use Ukraine as a money laundering stopover. The place is a shithole.

It's just unfortunately one of the last places where you can still wash dirty money. It's coming to an end.

Russia should be praised.

All comments from YouTube:


I love how she has all this information on something that is just a conspiracy


@ZAMB I 👌 Yeah buT theiR id10Ts.!! 😒

Isaac Clarke

That's not how the Burden of Proof works.

kaily 123

@albert finney exactly

kaily 123

its not its the truth learn to be okay with the truth and wake up and do something about it all and keep yourself grounded.

Deen Furgsz


13 More Replies...

Hanna J.

When the strongest arguments are 'this is obviously a lie... ' and 'it was probably spun by... ' 😂

Noemi G

@CTD absolutely, MOST people did. She comes on yt to say certain situations are conspiracy theories yet has no proof. I agree not all conspiracies are valid but you can't just claim all are untrue and run away with your only source being "its not true"🤦🏽‍♀️


@CTD they definitely did
and more importantly, since when is it on her to prove the claim is false?
the burden of proof is on the people saying this bullshit is true!
and no, a list of names and what ethnicity or religion they belong to is not evidence!

sorry, just had to get that off my chest


Did you just ignore everything she said after that?

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