Beltane Walk
T. Rex Lyrics

Trucking down by the roadside
Met a man with a starhide
He said boy wouldn't you like to look
But could it give me love
Give me little love from her heart

Bopping down by the whirlpool
I met a girl she was god's tool
I said girl wouldn't you like to rock
But could it give me love
Give me little love from god`s heart

Walking down by the westwind
I met a boy he was my friend
I said boy we could sing it too
And we do
Give us love
Give us little love
Give us little love from your hearts

And then we'll walk.

Written by: MARC BOLAN

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lady stardust1972

I am a Pagan and a Bolan fan.. Listening to this today as it's Beltane :) rock on Marc and Mickey xx


lady stardust1972 What do you do to be a pagan? Are most ordinary folk who don’t believe in a god pagans?

Angie Dilaj

Me too!

Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels

Well, what you were saying stared out like a nice apology, and then it sounded all "pedophilia? It's joke, lighten up!!" Maybe I am sensitive, but I just don't find that subject matter ha-ha funny. Anway, from one Bolan fan to another, K.A.L.M.I.Y.H.

David Ridgway

Jake, from State Farm, at three in the morning?!? Apologies for my dark humor. I really like T Rex. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Take a laugh when it's offered, my friend.

Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels

You would have to interpet "girl" and "boy" to mean school age children. And you would also have to interpret other lyrics in a particular way, to get that from this song. Either way it's kind of a reach. No reason to taint a lovely song that way.

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Michael Platter

Keep a little Marc in yyour heart

Thomas Huth

It’s a sensational song, imho. Only this song should be enough to become fan. Played it every day then , nearly 50 years ago. Simply great.

Philip Robinson

Do you think Jimmy McCracklin minded Marc borrowing one of his riffs (The Walk) for this?, lol!!!

Phil Wearmouth

@jjjeanjeane yep nailed it - same riff

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