Blessed Wild Apple Girl
T. Rex Lyrics

Gypsy Girl, oh twisty pearl
Sat upon the stoney pale mare
Beltane Eve, by the fires you grieve
With your deep Babylonian hair

Blessed Wild Apple Girl move along now
Blessed Wild Apple Girl move along now
Blessed Wild Apple Girl

Gypsy girl, oh twisty girl
Your hands are dangled with flowers
Tangled torn, so stately born
For a throne in the (hill) halls of Ireland

Blessed Wild Apple Girl move along now
Blessed Wild Apple Girl move along now
Blessed Wild Apple Girl

Fools have said the hills are dead
But her nose is a rose of the Shee
A silver sword by an ancient ford
Was my gift from this child of the trees

Blessed Wild Apple Girl move along now
Blessed Wild Apple Girl move along now
Blessed Wild Apple Girl

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Comments from YouTube:


This was one of the final tracks recorded with Steve Peregrine Took before Bolan sacked him (another being "Once Upon the Seas of Abyssinia"). Bolan suppressed both these final tracks as he started afresh with Mickey Finn on new material. The record label however released the tracks on the compilation sampler "Best of T.Rex" in 1970. The compilation gave the impression they had been previously released - they hadn't!

Thomas Huth

Kurt. Perplexing detailed historical knowledge, wow. Hat’s off. So you are / were more than simply a fan, a music historian?

Kurt Van Der Bogarde

In April/May 1969, Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took recorded a total of 10 tracks - the two sides of King Of The Rumbling Spires/Do You Remember plus Blessed Wild Apple Girl, Once Upon the Seas Of Abysinnia, Demon Queen and Ill Starred Man, along with four other songs that made it onto A Beard Of Stars in overdubbed form - Great Horse was one of these but the other three remain unconfirmed. It would have needed 3-5 more songs to finish album #4. Steve wanted to do some of his own songs on this final batch but Marc wouldn't hear of it, so Steve went to Twink of the Pretty Things and donated two of his songs "Three Little Piggies" and "The Sparrow Is The Sign" to Twink's solo album Think Pink. So Marc sacked him but made him stay on for the US tour in Aug/Sept '69. Once back in the UK, Marc, Mickey and Visconti overdubbed Great Horse and the other three tracks, scrapped the two sides of the single and the four other songs and recorded Marc's own choices for the final session plus some newies to finish off the album, which came out in March 1970.


This song and 'Find a Little Wood' are two of Marc's finest songs.

Stäni Steinbock


Mike Lambert Museman

Beautiful song with beautiful images.Thanks for posting


you crazy marc fans..this was the only name i could find that wasn't taken already!

Fee Warner

Wonderful track with great harmony vox by Steve Peregrin Took

Alison Carpenter

Love the tyranasaurus rex lps with Took


the most haunting song i have ever heard and i have been listening to it since 1971..........................

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