Cat Black
T. Rex Lyrics

Cat Black, you know she's backBeen six weeks since she
blew her stackNow she's fine, she's all mineI'm gonna stop her blowin' her mind againCat
Black she's my honeyAll she wants to do is spend my
moneyShe's a real-gone chick and I love her soKnocks me out when she does the rock 'n' roll,
yeahCat Black you know I'm pleasedThere's my heart, and here's the keys to myCadillac, hey Cat BlackYou look all pretty, let's
get turned onAnd fade awayCat Black she's
so sweetShe's so pretty I can hardly speakDresses in jeans, gets on scenesShe's kind and
she's fine to meCat Black, you know she's
backBeen six weeks since she blew her stackNow
she's fine she's all mineI'm gonna stop her
blowin' her mind again

Written by: MARC BOLAN

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Barry Moon

This is simply a song which brought my joy and hope at bad times in the late '70's and I still love it so.


This tune is Phenominal


another one of Marc`s miracles


Correction: this song is not from A BEARD OF STARS; it's from the UNICORN album.


The best T Rex album. So many great songs

Lucifer Sam

@Kirk Teeters what? I'm so confused, what are you talking about?

Kirk Teeters

I believe "Ride A White Swan" was also on that album.


Catblack the wizard's hat
Spun in lore from Dagamoor
The skull of jade was pearl inlaid
The silks, skin spun, repelled the Sun
A tusk of boar with dwarfish awe
Sobs on the door where stood before
A mountain man with sky-blue teeth
Upon his head a python's wreath
A deer he slew in the dawning's dew
Her heart was a dagger for a murderer's brew.

A toad of jet on a sill cast in brass
Portrayed for his sight mysteries of the past
A yellow orphan dancer rich in Nature's costly gold
Wept for the jailer of time to bless her old
But his kiss he held and shadowed for the spell of nights are strong
And spiralled like a whirlwind in the childhood of a song

Catblack the wizard's back
Daubed in doom in his tounge tombed room
We of the wind must rejoice and speak
And kiss all our starbrowed brothers on the cheek.


Pure poetry, Bolan was a genius.

Thomas Huth

You are genius!!! Tanx forever!!!!

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