T. Rex Lyrics

I'm walking down the highway, see this cat his name was "Charlie"
He's the kinda guy who always looks the same
As someone you've seen on a scene or at a party

Charlie is the kind you know what'll always be
On his own scene an absolute mystery

Sometime later an uptown nowhere High Street
You can just imagine the wild person I'm about to meet
Standing o a corner laughing at all the people he meets
Ah, he smiles and politely says "How do you do?"
As you walk away he makes vaces after you

My baby and I, we've been planning a nice cool weekend
Comes a knock at my door, this guy yells out I'm his friend
He looks the place over and then tells me that he'll move in
Charlie is the one that while the neighbours stare,
Biblical beard and his long black hair.

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Hashim Warren

Charlie Clips father, Charles Leon Brown Jr

"Ten members of a murderous Harlem drug gang were socked yesterday with a federal racketeering indictment..."

"...resulted in a 56% decrease in homicides at the 32d Precinct"

"members of the Harlem gang had transformed their neighborhood into a "war zone" and have been charged in 15 slayings and nine shootings including the wounding of five bystanders. But investigators believe the gang was responsible for more than 40 killings."

"Headed by Charles Leon Brown...

"They basically shot their way to the top. People described how they'd see a caravan of the gang's cars roll up and people would grab their kids and run."

"Members would go to hospital emergency rooms after shootings to see whether witnesses were talking to cops"

"two gang members wearing surgical gowns slipped into Harlem Hospital to finish him off."

Props to Charlie Clips for never glorifying his infamous father. This battle is the first time I heard him mention it. And he used it to big up his mom, the real gangsta of his family.

You know someone like Tsu Surf or Arsonal prob would never shut up about their pops if he had a rep like this.

More reason why Charlie Clips is the #GOAT of battle rap. Classy dude. ο»Ώ

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Da'Mario White-Molina

This got 2 million views and the cops still ain't arrest Clips for this murder

My Info



Jordan laird
Head ice and Rex had a situation. Ice=chill

Jordan laird

Can someone explain the Rex to chill all you gotta do is say ice.. and why it hit a nerve ?

King nigel



He was defending him self. No charges he used the stand your ground law. πŸ˜€

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It took me 6 years but I finally realized why Rex be turning so much during Clips’ rounds. He’s just making sure he gets cooked evenly on all sides.

Cee Dubuyu 97

You stole this from the Brizz vs Loso comment section lol

Y.Pirathon Ezion Gabar

lmao πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Oskar Den Tredje

Hold this W my dude

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