Chateau in Virginia Waters
T. Rex Lyrics

Broken English words cracked the air like a bell
She had a chateau in Virginia Waters
Free from all those culture vultures
Her silver car a silver cloud cloaked the air in a shroud
Her pearly author's teeth tore the seasoned cedar coloured pheasant

Her one rich wish is to write a book about
A Venetian mother's problems on a barge in little Venice

She peers at the portrait of her poetess grandmother
Who's theatrical in character
Wise just like Socrates
She sinks her nails into the aged canvas
But the power from the wordster's head was cool and shrill and frightening

Miss Drag is intermingled with the powder-blue chaise lounge
She types some acid words to her hairless Havana art dealer

Her one rich wish is to write a book about a chateau in Virginia Waters
Free from all those culture vultures

Contributed by Alice V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Wow diggin that Beatles influence 👍🏼

Marc Bora

Virginia Waters....just five minutes drive from Windsor,UK I love them all.

a oneiill

erm...not T. Rex

Heath St john

@a oneiill Thanks for replying.
To this day, I believe that his poetry was sham-imagination. But characterful people are to be cherished.
I particularly like the way it showed itself in one of the 'Marc' shows, possibly Episode 1, when he said something very similar to: "We're going to hear a lot of new sounds, and have a lot of new experiences": very louché.
Maybe it's partly the symbolic passing of my own youth, but, before to-day's monoculture, I grieve for the loss of certain characterful personalities, even though it's not a grief which has mistaken itself, and become glorification, not at all.
My very best to you.

a oneiill

@Heath St john aye well,,,they were 2 different entities...I saw T Rex's fiirst a Tyrannosaurus fan from day one...pedantic mayhaps, but,,,

Heath St john

" T.Rex " : doesn't matter. Just love , that's all , I know. Not important. Not among friends.

Colin Littlewood

Tyrannosaurus rex, From the first album.