T. Rex Lyrics

Dug and redug and dug and redug redug

O Debora you look like a zebra
Your sunken lace is like a galleon
Clawed with mysteries of the Spanish main O Debora

O Debora you're always dressed like a conjurer
It's fine to see your young face smiling
'Neath the stallion that I'm riding O Debora
Debora you look like a stallion

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Steve Took played the percussion on the early Tyrannosaurus Rex recordings. A lost soul who died before his time (just like Marc)

The 'Plan-Demic'

Born Stephen Ross Porter, the renamed Steve Peregrin Took borrowed his rock 'n' roll stage name from a character in The Hobbit, then rose to fame after joining Marc Bolan in 1967 to form the duo Tyrannosaurus Rex. By 1969, Took's push to perform more of his own material – as well as his drug use – had driven a wedge between the pair, and Took was fired from the group.

He went on to a series of short-lived bands, but never came close to the success Bolan achieved without him. Took died on Oct. 27, 1980, from asphyxiation after choking on a cocktail cherry. Though he and his girlfriend had ingested both morphine and hallucinogens the night before, authorities ruled that neither contributed to his death.

Read More: Steve Peregrin Took: Choked on a Cocktail Cherry |


Joey Ramone is on record as saying that the inspiration for "The KKK took my baby away" was T.REX "Solid Gold Easy action" and there is a Ramones Bootleg Album with that name as it's title - Marc also coined the term "Punkoid" for a track called "pain and love" on the 1977 album Dandy in the Underworld by Then Marc was having acts like "The Dammed" support T.REX and he had "The Boom Town Rats" "siouxsie and the banshees" "Generation X" and "The Jam" to name a few on his TV show "Marc"

Paul Ambler

Sounds as good backwards as it does forwards!   X=0)

Paul Huerta

Yes it does

Bo Bo Nomad

Apparently they found this out by accident while rewinding the tape - the melody and construction remains almost the same.


Marc made so much Good music folk, rock, soul, jazz, electronic, punk and usually before anyone else in the way he did it

MIke Wilson

Having been an ardent fan of Marc's collaboration with Steve Peregrine Took it was hard for me to believe that it was the same guy in T.Rex. At first I thought it was an impostor, but no, he really did turn teenie bopper and made millions doing so. What can you say? Tyrannosaurus' first 3 albums rank among my alltime favourites. And, in retrospect some of T.Rex's commercial hits weren't half bad either.

Hannu Takalo

I too like the old records, but can´t understand, why "The King of the rumbling Spires" is so un - everything. Did You get it? (finnish).

Juliette Poubelle

It's not the same group it's his first.. :)

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