Demon Queen
T. Rex Lyrics

Demon Queen of Voodoo Sun
In you vales of blue
Evil-eyed with the dwarves of Alabar
Children's payers of life
Niceness is a golden gown
Seated on the planets round

[Repeat verses twice]

Hoo-la-la-la, Hoo-la-la-la-lala, ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-laaaa...

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Comments from YouTube:

Andy T.Rex

@eddysteele2 I remember this so well. I bought it on the Saturday morning the day after Marc died. I bought Bolan's Best Plus 1 at Gloria's Record Shop, Battlefield in Glasgow. The coincidence in the name of the shop just hit me. I remember reading the review of the E.P. on the Thursday in the NME (I think). The reviewer said "Marc don't half look a nana on the cover". The cover's a classic and I'm sure he ate his words.


@eddysteele2 Yeh ! Me too "Bolan Best Plus !" We're old Peace out.

Peter Outlaw

I've got a copy somewhere, got a load of stuff of sixties and early seventies([pertaining to Marc) somewhere think I'll look them out, if I remember the cover is crap, I,ll upload it if I can find it, that's if it still intact been a long time since I've seen it 30 years. I really like this version though, its really works on acoustic, he had a real flair for melody's did Marc, a natural talent, wonder what he be doing now?.

Kurt Van Der Bogarde

Why are the backing vocals, bass and percussion all wiped off this? This wasn't what the track sounded like on Bolan's Best Plus One.

CJ Bolan

It is different. I like the recording on Zinc of Finches much better.

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