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Do I Love Thee
by T. Rex


Do I love thee
in my heart like a jet black rose
mighty thunder
like my love in my head as it goes

Shadow baby
all the mansions of gold will be yours
Do I love thee
do i love thee like the secrets flow
Have you seen her
that girl like a cat in the storm
he ever loved her
since the day that the earth was born

Do sing a rapture
air supplied to our vibe that stay

Flashing jet stream
cruise on like the line of a team
deep lagoon yeah
trying to ride on the freighter dune

Senseless times and trying to age
like the youth of a claw
Do I love thee
do I love thee child of the gulls
Jet lag rolls home
night of thunder

Contributed by Connor S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Muchui Thambura

on mulosi by Luhya


Akash sb

on Tere Mere Pyar Karke by Nacchatar Gill

Nice song.


on Amirika by Kojo Antwi


আমিনুল ইসলাম আমিন

on Kon pathe by Parvathy Baul

খুবসুন্দর গান।

J. M. Smig

on Black Coffee Waltz by J. M. Smig

My compliments to the genuine schizophrenics imagining lyrics to my instrumental music. I love this site.

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