Great Horse
T. Rex Lyrics

Great Horsey Champer Gold
With the Sun
Dipped diving with his horned onyx saddle
Shining in the black aped eyeballs
Of the gun

When the great apple falls
She'll be queen of your halls

Tall bowman from the burnt pastures
Saw Champer and he bowed ground kissing
To his lord

Strange beastie from the legend lair Sire,
I can master with the aid of this
Skull powdered cord

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Comments from YouTube:

Tina Beresford-jones

he was my hero no one can ever better him. I salute him love and give him everything he loving great fully he deserves. wish he was so here. not fair life. so missed, love you mark missed did meet you in Sheffield. was 15. what a lovely. man. love and God bless you .pease your birthday 15 September. we always remember you. x3

aiden a jarvis

Tina Beresford-jones I think he gave inspiration for a generation , and another. Marc is timeless, and his music will turn up in commercials, major movies, the baby boomers ( I hate to say that) who recognised his abilities have become prolific performers in the own right.

Andrey Surovtsev

so much agree with you from moscow, pure love... i know marc is somewhere between us. i believe in his further incarnations.. listened to this man so much.. not as much as he has done of course, though i'm already older than him.. knowing his music from my age of 5 probably.. hail to you, marc! hail to you, tina! i welcome both of you in the chambers of my heart but there is no limit at all... peace & love. love.

lewis underwood

beautiful and mythical



Cliff Winnard

I'm with you Tina Good comments

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