Life Is Strange
T. Rex Lyrics

Strange, life is strange, life is strange
Oh life is strange

Oh God, life is strange
People come and people go
Some move fast and some move slow
No, no, no, no, no

Oh God, life is good
Some are fat and some are thin
Some don`t even ask you how you`ve been
No, no, no, no, no


Oh God, life is strange
Some are fast and some are slow
Some believe, me don`t even know
No, no, no, no, no


Lyrics © Spirit Music Group
Written by: MARC BOLAN

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

alyx mac

I'm thrilled Dallas Buyers Club introduced so, so many good tastes humans to T.Rex
Great film. But mediocre when scaled with this album.
It is brilliant from start to finish.
I eagerly encourage everyone to listen to MORE of T.Rex's and Marc Bolan's discography.
Do it for Rayon.
But do it more for yourselves.
Listening to the record from start to finish in the darkness with a dab or a doobie is an honest to goodness gift from whatever god graciously governs us through game.
Life is strange.

Sidenote: the DRUMS on this track are simply unprecedented and underrated. What an animal.
Just ravages and destroys me from top to bottom. Timeless talent.
T. Rex were DECADES ahead of their time. Purely played. Perfectly performed.
Properly produced by prodigal poet's, pulsating power packaged particles prove priceless.
Perhaps penetrating people's pain permeates precise pure physical pleasure proving people possess passions predominantly precursors possibly paved paths paralleled perfectly place philosophical percussion patterns pounding poetry poignantly.

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Jason R

"God when I meet you, I will be beautiful"

Blondie K


Amanda Sodré


Eduardo V

"Rayon turn that shit down" - Ronn Woodruff

Orion Tur Moldova

I feel the same. I watched it for 2 times and want to do it again.

Leo jay


Carla Cura

hahahaajaja ,.love that movie !

Gerard Compte

just seen the movie. i know im late but goddamn what a masterpiece!

Kathy Taylor

“ Shake his hand TJ”

Kathy Taylor

Saw it a few times, never gets old

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