Like a White Star
T. Rex Lyrics

At the birth of the day
As a babe of the spray
Like a white star, tangled and far,
Tulip that's what you are.
Warm and wise as a mute
In the thunderbolt suit
Princely and torn, grasping the horn
Of the maenads of May.
Sleepy dreaming of dark
Silver Satyrs in parks
Statues that say, worship the day
For only humans you are.
Channels churning the grime
Inky dreams of our time
Into the Sun, where the white one
Poems them into a rhyme.
On a hill the clear shrill
Made the Titans most ill
Angels abound, and
I'm kissing the ground
Thrilled to be around
Vineyards spangled with love
For the white dove above
Green and lean from the waste
Of the pastures of chaste
Preciously he is whole.
Twinkled eyes like a king
Charted seas on your skin
Like a White Star, tangled and far,
Tulip that's what you are.

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Comments from YouTube:

Natalie 1982

I would exchange irreplacable personal items to be able to hear this song live and in person.

cats raptor231

I'm with You = ]

cats raptor231

Nicely put Nat!


hippie style!

michael foley

I know what you mean Nat this song is just something else well the whole album is just pure magic!


Great title for a song....🌷

modeste nomad

❤️ tanx

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