Oh Harley
T. Rex Lyrics

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose
No bigger than a bubby's thumb.
Medieval dublet, elk horn ornamented woodland trumpet,
Cradling your musket son.

Harlequin stands magnificent
Slaughtered tulip in the psalm of his lillywhite.
Harlequin stands theatrical
Mincing smirk dancing on the hip of his lip.

Oh Harley

Naughty to pretend it's so naughty so bad 0 harley

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose,
No bigger than a bubby's thumb
Garlanded with bluebells strewn with silver birch
Spring grown tiaras Cradling your sabre son

Contributed by Tristan K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

joe smith

I, at 16 years of age, am A HUGEEEE Bolan fanatic, and proud to be <3333

Susan Kirkland

Be great if you are still a great Bolan fan?


For all Bolan Fanatics out there, this wonderful track !! Enjoy

Gary Morris

go ahead, Marc - tear my heart out!

My Autobiography A Fanfic

This really is T-Rex's best album.



Wayne Larsen

Love it. had it on 8 track. now I have it on some double lp

Mia Paboplanes

Sounds like Tropicalia,very awesome!!!


a great little gem of a sonq thanx

AgEnt Keef

But it's not on ITunes 😕

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