Pavilions of Sun
T. Rex Lyrics

Swans do fly high above you
All the time
Prince of Sun from his pavilion
Makes you shine

Come into my garden lady love
Maybe I can hold your gold hand
Glide within my gold grove lady love
Know the earth and you'll understand.

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Comments from YouTube:

Janice Tydings

Like the groovin' guitar strumming in the background to T Rex's curly poetic voice....

Graham Rogers

This music is magical and whimsical and beautiful

Yvonne Whiting

Love, love big love to elfin Marc

Thomas Huth

Robbin . Yeah, Telegram to you: agreed.

Tina Jean Beresford-jones

love it x

Lucid Lupin

thank you <3

Ricky Spanish

Can anyone tell me if there was a poem on this album about animals living in a wood.
Only I had an album on 8track I used to play endlessly but it had no label on it and this song was on that album.
The poem was something else to listen to, absolutely magic ...

Eymerich Inquisitore


Ricky Spanish

+A.J. Durso Thank you

August Durso

there is a poem featuring two animal characters named "Kingsley Mole" and "Lionel Lark" split into two parts on two different Tyrannosaurs Rex albums. Both parts are read by John Peel. The first part is featured at the end of the song "My Inca Love" on the album "My People Were Fair..." (first T Rex album). The second part is featured on the song "Romany Soup" on the album "Unicorn." Marc Bolan was a wordsmith, among many other things.

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