T. Rex Lyrics

Smile your smile Mister Scenescof
Its not hard to have run off
On a physical ride
With my babe by your side
Smile your smile for a while

It was grand to have known her
It was grand to have shown her
I don't need anyone
To dictate all my fun
Smile your smile and then run

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Steve Chambers

Got that Chinese vibe to it, you imagine it with those oriental violins - aside from Bowie and small faces to faces I can’t think of any other musician that made such a transition. Cept Dylan maybe


@bundleHastings Scenscof is someone who scoffs (belittles, derides etc) at the scene and in this case.....the music scene, I think Bolan was disillusioned with the media, management and music journalists at the time, He used to call managers "Mr ten per cent". I'm a little late in replying, hope ur still with us!


@midnighttilldawn wow you have good eyesight!

Anime Surfers League

@midnighttilldawn I actually remember T-shirts like that, you could buy in a head shop.


An excellent tune, thank you for the upload!

Adam Skywalker

@kbr61263 whatever, Marc Bolan is still a member of the band

Anime Surfers League

Scene would have been a very significant word in Marc's vocabulary, as in Cat Black, "Dresses in jeans, gets on the scene, Let's go baby, and fade away." Smile your smile is the signal to go somewhere private. A physical ride is a bit obvious.


@Aved00 this isnt T.Rex either, they were called TYrannosaurus rex at this time, not abbreviated


Not really - Bolan WAS T. Rex.

Brandon Grotzinger

@Jualmas1990 Stop your wining and be grateful that people still make this kind of music!

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