The Travelling Tragition
T. Rex Lyrics

Shadow cloak swift as a swallow,
Pantaloon down in the hollow,
Dancing, his voice like a cloud
In the death of my night.

Awful eyes, black Persian beggar,
Harlequinesque, hair plaited heather,
Stepping so lightly,
A sprite in the house of my sight.
0 m'dear, travelling Tragition,
It's sky clear, you're a gift from the fair folk.

Contributed by Nolan L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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raul macias

Coral Keith the
the Fountain man
layed his love
upon the sand.
Cherished winter rainbows
strided by his
side, with
a sythe gripped
in his mouth
and a strand
of river saphired
in his brown crofters hand
they danced the
dolphins marriage
their black
eyes moist with merriment
& Sound For the
reed pipes held
the cock's,
dragon, shin
strenth sparrowly
in gentle temperement
the dark horses
hoofs, stamped
thrice &
night, moon eyed
cyclops of the swirling skys,
all like
corridors are
dark & deceitful

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what can i say.. pure f+&^% MAGIC no other way to describe it!!

Rocio Obregon

I will call this piece a work of art......Unique....

Stäni Steinbock

Such a timeless masterpiece! One of my absolute favourites since who knows when, especially all those glockenspiels and the "boom-de-boom" section and everything!

Lioba F.

Yes, I agree with you! One of my favourites of this band, too, together with "Jewel" and "By the light of a magical moon". Such a pity (from my point of view) that they changed so much (into a teenie disco group) later on.

Mia Paboplanes

I'm remembering late 2013 when i was at my uncle's country house and then i went to the bush. I took my laptop there and was listening to this song (i downloaded,internet didn't work there) and feeling very peaceful. This song combines a lot with the woods,it's a strange story but i love it

Ron Whitehouse

i am left speechless, thanks Marc Steve and Tony


What Tony? Visconti?


@enterdreamtime: Devandra is for people who dont know the real thing...

Peter Outlaw

Been there done that


Thanks to all the contributors, after 44 years I can now sing the correct words.....boom de boom........BRILLIANT!!

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