The Wizard
T. Rex Lyrics

Cat Black, you know she's backBeen six weeks since she
blew her stackNow she's fine, she's all mineI'm gonna stop her blowin' her mind againCat
Black she's my honeyAll she wants to do is spend my
moneyShe's a real-gone chick and I love her soKnocks me out when she does the rock 'n' roll,
yeahCat Black you know I'm pleasedThere's my heart, and here's the keys to myCadillac, hey Cat BlackYou look all pretty, let's
get turned onAnd fade awayCat Black she's
so sweetShe's so pretty I can hardly speakDresses in jeans, gets on scenesShe's kind and
she's fine to meCat Black, you know she's
backBeen six weeks since she blew her stackNow
she's fine she's all mineI'm gonna stop her
blowin' her mind again

Written by: MARC BOLAN

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Wayne Taylor

Fantastic lyricist.!!!

Berkin Altinok

Is Chris Wood of Traffic on this on sax or on another version ???


This song is probably about the awakening that inspired all most of the rest of Bolan's famous songs. He had gone to Paris with in Paris with Riggs O'Hara, where he claimed he met another American living in Paris who had all sorts of books on religion and magic. There are some lyrics that are not mentioned in any of the renditions that I have found.

He wore black #### gloves
He had #### ####
He wore black #### gloves
He had #### of doves(?)
He was a wizard.

Well, we he was a...

He was a wizard,

I could tell by the wings on his feet
I could tell because he read t he stars

Well, I said I how

He was a wizard
I could tell by the way he walked
I could tell by the #### in his eyes

He was a wizard, da, da, da
I died (?!)

He was a wizard
And he was my friend he'd be yours too

I could tell he was
#### the skies

#### the sun

Was a wizard and he was my friend he was

lee shafer

WOW Thunders REALLY improved this!

Alessandro Riondato

Sorry don’t agree. Thunders bettered a lot of tunes but unfortunately not this one.

Snake Whitcher

He cut out all the fat, and then just made it his own song. It's the one I'm familiar with.

Xavier Quiñones de León

kings of mystic bongo beat.......Woodlands of Boland

Dawn Browning

Owwwww. is this sped up? Yup it is. Bye.


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that squeaky falsetto full of vibratos almost drove me into a nervous breakdown

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