Weilder of Words
T. Rex Lyrics

Wielder of words is steeped within traditional verbs and curiously a dented top hat
discovered in the moonlit Laundromat

A busted cheroot is smoking on the heel of his boot
His opera is torn thru' the haste of operatic oyster eating evenings of waste

Sleek astrakhan, reclining on a chippendale stand so sad they should be owning a man who's thicker than the forestry from where they began.
Robard de Font Le Roy

Contributed by Kylie H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Voice magic,

michael foley

This is more electric than his later music and melodic this is just the best


wielder of words

a oneiill

na nan anananan nana  anana nana n nana  nan nanannan

a oneiill

Robard de Fonteroy?nanananan annanna ananana anannhaa ananna an

John Bevan

Wielder ... not weilder lol


its spelt as weilder on the record, check discogs https://www.discogs.com/Tyrannosaurus-Rex-My-People-Were-Fair-And-Had-Sky-In-Their-Hair-But-Now-Theyre-Content-To-Wear-Stars/master/46040