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Arctic Bells Blue
TB Schenck Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Launch Pad Astronomy

🔴 More coverage of Ultima Thule:

The Gunman

You got a mention in Fraser Cain's Livestream. Thought I'd come check out your channel.

Launch Pad Astronomy

Thanks for dropping by!


These are awesome. I hope you still have a couple more to roll out.

James Dougan

thanks chris another great installments looking forward to the hi res images when they arrive from new horizons ( lovin the bloopers lol)
james D

Launch Pad Astronomy

Thanks James, I really enjoyed talking with Paul. Can't wait for the high-res images, either!

Beanie Draws

That blooper reel though!
Now I have to find my 3d glasses :)

Launch Pad Astronomy

It's not very 3D-looking, TBH due to the timing of the exposures. Two better ways are to use the cross-eye technique on the side-by-side comparison and the "blink" effect where you pick up some of the rotation. More to come though, much more!

Stoney Creek Heritage Farm

Fantastic interview! Thanks for sharing!

Launch Pad Astronomy

Thanks for that feedback, @Yesica1993 and shame on me for not clarifying it during the interview. Stereo imaging is when the same subject is photographed from two slightly different angles. When they're viewed at the same time, the brain can construct a 3D image of the image. Sometimes this is done by tinting one image red and the other green (1:29) and then viewing them wearing red/green glasses. Other ways of doing it are to set the images side by side (2:09) and staring at the space in between until an image emerges.

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