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Sliding Away
TB Schenck Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Sliding Away' by these artists:

2020 Soundsystem Loving her is like driving a new Maserati down a…
Aqualung Slip-sliding away, slip-sliding away You know the nearer the…
Hoffmaestro I told her that I had a cold heart from…

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Anna Claudio

There's enough problem, dangers and people suffering and dying in the world.

Try to be at PEACE
Promote PEACE and GOOD WILL.

Don't make things worse

Try to make things better.

Hopefully things will get better

Maybe if everyone said a little prayer 🙏

So all the bad stuff will go away

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Such nice people. Bet their parents are proud of them.

Tom Wright

Animals don't have parents.


@Xasan. Guled thats because its not against black people🙄

Xasan. Guled

@skftngtt# they never bring up child rape


@Xasan. Guled racists showing their true colours

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Matthew Kriston

It's borderline impossible for regular citizens to carry firearms in new York city. You have no right to protect yourself there. PERIOD

Matthew Kriston

@Harry Briscoe I thank him for it everyday

Harry Briscoe

@Matthew Kriston Tell that to God and Jesus

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1:50 - How are police supposed to know who the troublemakers are that's carrying a gun? They can't just go around violating people's 4th Amendment Rights. You can't deem someone a gangbanger just by looking at them.


Tell you what they won’t be wearing a suit.

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