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Vision in Blue
TB Schenck Lyrics

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Assault Avocado

I’ve followed the battle between these 2 for a while now and have been restricted from commenting on Jeff’s post on IG for asking a legit question.

Jeff is old school in his approach and swears by it because it’s what worked for him. He doesn’t believe in any modern teaching techniques. If he see Josh Cathcart using a pool noddle to get a kid to feel something he makes a video and say things like “what could this possibly teach”, “why would anyone pay that guy”? Etc….etc…

Youth ball players have to feel what their instructor is talking about. I don’t care what an instructor uses to get a kid to feel something as long as the kid feels it. Instead of bashing people like Jeff does he should be more open into how people are getting players to feel and understand instruction.

Jeff lives on the “you never played in the big leagues so you don’t know what your talking about”. That is vacuous on every level. It shows his ignorance and refusal to adapt to new teaching styles not hitting styles.

Jeff would never be successful in being a swing coach. Hitting coach though? Most likely he would. Those are 2 very different things and Jeff doesn’t understand that.

Rich is just a ridiculous as Jeff. He didn’t discover anything new that others already didn’t know. We in the swing and hitting instruction world have known this since we’ve 1st seen it.

Where Rich fails is in understanding what he discovered and when it should be implemented. This is the only time Jeff has some valid points when it comes to this ongoing stupidity.

The best hitters to every play this game are a rare breed. They do things others, no matter how long they train could never do. Rich’s examples are all big men that have endless amounts of power.

Your lead off hitter is never going to swing like Rich claims they can. That’s not their job to swing like that. This is where Jeff is correct.

This is also where they’re both wrong in claiming that their said swings they teach can work on any person. Jeff doesn’t out right say that but anyone that’s watched his videos knows he only has one way too.

It’s his hypocrisy at its finest. He tells Rich not everyone can swing like that then turns around and say everyone can swing like him (Jeff). It cannot be done. Everyone is different.

If they pushed their egos aside and understood each has valid points for specific players then there would be some agreement. Problem is is that both are extremely cocky and refuse to admit what they don’t know.

That makes them both look stupid. If Jeff put some energy into trying to understand modern day swing instruction by elite level coaches out their and spent less time mocking everything he might be impressed.

If Rich understood that what he teaches is player specific he might have a more successful operation and get more respect.

Playing in the big leagues doesn’t make you a great teacher. It doesn’t mean you know more than someone that’s also put in the work studying and applying things that just happened to not play at a high level.

Bottom line: both of these guys are ignorant clowns that do a disservice to the very community they think they are providing great instruction to.

A swing coach only has to know that Jeff endorses a “squish the bug” product. Once we know that we know he doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

End of a way to long rant. Sorry Dan.

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Matthew Wiederhold

That was highly entertaining as expected. They both act immature when they’re arguing each other, more so Richard here. Pushing egos aside, Richard is right, the swing pattern of early barrel speed and the dropping of the barrel into the path of the ball is what all ~30+ homer guys do. You can obviously be successful with almost any swing, but for power and adjustability to off speed pitches, the swing he described is the best.

I do agree with Jeff for a lot of the criticism he gives to some of Richard’s drills like the one where he aggressively snaps the barrel down with his wrists. I don’t think some of the drills he teaches are the best way to teach the “HLP” swing. A lot of HLP coaches also have a lot of pointless drills that don’t help in my opinion.

My favorites to watch execute this swing are Bo Bichette and Aaron Judge. I saw a clip of Richard describing hitting off speed pitches with the swing he teaches, and Bichette does it exactly as he describes. When the bat is in the loaded position ready to snap, it doesn’t matter what pitch comes out of the pitcher’s hand, you just hold the load for a tick longer and then launch. You can see Bo do this on off speed pitches watching his highlights.

But that’s just my input on it, great video and thanks for letting them argue it out.

Coach Javier Chavez

I taught my 6 year old daughter how to swing this way and she overpowered and out hit everyone in her age group.

Her speed, power and accuracy was years ahead of the rest in her age group and 2 to 3 years above.

Thank you Richard, Bonds. Humble yourselves and keep teaching.

Juan Bustos

@BaseballChris14 so you don't have a response to my 3 questions, nor could you back your claim about swinging at pitches above the letters. Got it. Good day.

Juan Bustos

@BaseballChris14 1) you really think you create backspin by swinging down? 2) what does that have to do with swinging at FB above the letters 3) having an 'approach' or thought process to swing down is not the same as actually swinging down.

Juan Bustos

@BaseballChris14 you'll never be able to hit 90+ MPH above the letters with that approach

Juan Bustos

@BaseballChris14 why would I swing at anything 90+ above the letters?

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Jaime Cevallos

Dan, I commend you for doing this. The baseball instruction industry needs this kind of debating. Great job. I got a lot of press for working with guys like Zobrist and Ibanez in the early 2010s. I would love to do this kind of debate with someone. I'm confident the swing style I teach will lead to a swing revolution in baseball. I believe Richard and Jeff are both missing a key piece of the puzzle.

Jaime Cevallos

@Coach Dan Blewett Awesome. Thank you.

Coach Dan Blewett

Thanks for watching, but we’re not not really doing more of these or looking for guests. You should reach out to Xpert Summit on Twitter. They’re doing a hitting debate soon.

Coach Dan Blewett

Thanks for watching, but we’re not not really doing more of these or looking for guests. You should reach out to Xpert Summit on Twitter. They’re doing a hitting debate soon.

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